Mississippi State Bulldogs news: Zach Arnett’s recruiting efforts paying off

Zach Arnett has been recruiting well, which means we’ve got some important Mississippi State Bulldogs news that you need to check out.

Hey, we’ve got a some Mississippi State Bulldogs news. But first, a quick announcement.

It feels good to be back here at Maroon and White Nation. For those who may not be overly familiar with me, my name is Ethan Lee and I was previously the site expert here around five years ago.

I’ve been covering Mississippi State football, MSU baseball, Miss. State basketball, and MS State softball (and so on and so forth) for over eight years now. I got started at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, spent several years there, made my way here back in 2018, embarked upon some other ventures in 2019, stumbled my way into blogging independently in 2020, and now I’m back here.

And it feels so dang good to be back. This is a remarkable community for Mississippi State Bulldogs fans and it has long been a great place to get MSU news.

I’m excited for the chance to steer things here once again.

And, along with Andrew Miller (and some other names to be announced soon), I’m pleased to announce that this community is going to provide some great content once again.

Zach Arnett is making some notable Mississippi State football recruiting efforts

In case you missed it, Arnett has been making some notable Mississippi State football recruiting news as of late. Fred “Fat” Clark previously announced his intent to leave the Ole Miss Rebels and he has subsequently committed to the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

And that’s huge for a MSU recruiting class that got off to a relatively slow start.

Mississippi State Bulldogs news and notes from Maroon and White Nation

MSU news and notes from elsewhere

Nonsense and other news from elsewhere

Hey, look, there’s more than just MSU news to the world. So, you know, here’s some news and nonsense from around the internet.

And today’s news is, uhh…

*checks notes*

Uhh… About UFOs.

I’m not entirely sure of what to do with this one. But, you know, if you want to read about UFOs, New York Magazine has something about a whistleblower from the Pentagon.

Today’s Tunes:

A little while back, one other Mississippi State blog that I was once a part of ended up getting shuttered. To send it out on a high note, I ended a column that was very similar to this one with an embed of a Robert Earl Keen song.

And so, I want to showcase another artist that I’m fond of but, well, let’s throw in another Robert Earl Keen song. This one being covered by Charles Wesley Godwin.

It feels good to be back here at Maroon and White Nation. I’m thrilled to have the chance to be here again. And I’m definitely looking forward to the future of this site.