Mississippi State Basketball vs. Georgia: Highlights, final score, and analysis

The Mississippi State basketball team was defeated by the Georgia Bulldogs, 58-50.
Although the Georgia Bulldogs pulled away and won by 8, this was a back-and-forth game that no team truly had control of until the final seconds.

Here are my early post-game thoughts:

Mississippi State basketball needs to score more than 50 to win SEC basketball games.

50 points are not nearly enough points to win an SEC basketball game. The Mississippi State Bulldogs have proven that they can play defense, and now is the time to start putting the focus on the offensive side of the ball. Chris Jans and the Mississippi State basketball team must figure out how to start scoring more than 50 points if they expect to make it to the NCAA basketball tournament.

That was not the toughest crowd the Bulldogs will play this season.

Honestly, the Georgia crowd was poor. Stegeman Coliseum is not a tough place to play. This is not a good sign for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. If Mississippi State cannot go on the road in Athens and win, they will have trouble traveling inside the SEC this season.

I believe the Humphrey Coliseum made a huge difference in last Saturday’s win vs. the Ole Miss Rebels, but if that game had been in Oxford, I wonder if the Bulldogs could have pulled that game out.

Shakeel Moore might be the key to Mississippi State basketball’s offensive success.

Shakeel Moore led the Mississippi State basketball team in points vs. the Georgia Bulldogs with 15 points. I have mentioned before, Tolu Smith needs to be the leading scorer for the Mississippi State Bulldogs if they want to continue winning basketball games, and I still stand by that. The thing that makes Shakeel Moore special is he is an outside guy that can make things happen on the inside. If teams start having to guard the perimeter, the Bulldogs will have a much better chance of getting Tolu Smith and William McNair the ball inside.