Mississippi State Football: Zach Arnett’s contract details

Mississippi State Football has hired Zach Arnett to be its 35th head coach. The contract has been signed.

Mississippi State football’s former defensive coordinator, Zach Arnett, has received a 4-year deal (the maximum length for the state of Mississippi) from Mississippi State University to be its next head football coach.

This 4-year deal is set for $3 million/year. Head coach, Zach Arnett will have a starting salary that is higher than the 33rd head coach, Joe Moorhead. Moorhead’s original hiring salary was $2.75 million/year.

Zach Arnett led the Mississippi State Bulldogs defense this year and was the reason behind winning many, if not, most of their games in the 2022 Mississippi State football season.

Zach Arnett was recruited by Mike Leach in 2020 to be the defensive coordinator at Mississippi State and looks to be one of Mike Leach’s best hires.

This hire almost seemed to be inevitable by the way things panned out. As many Mississippi State Bulldog fans are grieving and mourning the loss of head coach, Mike Leach, this move seemed to be the easiest and best move for Mississippi State University.

I think many Mississippi State football fans will be excited about this hire. I, as well as other Bulldog fans, will patiently wait to see whether Zach Arnett promotes Steve Spurrier Jr. to be the play-caller for the Bulldogs, or will he bring in a new offensive coordinator and change things up. Steve Spurrier Jr. is currently the Mississippi State football team’s wide receiver coach but was with Mike Leach at Washington State University. Spurrier Jr. seems to be involved in much of the offense and certainly knows how to run a version of the Air Raid.

Mississippi State, Mark Keenum, Bracky Brett, and whoever else had a role in making this hire, great job. I believe that Zach Arnett will continue what Coach Mike Leach started at Mississippi State University.