Mississippi State Basketball: 3 Reasons Why Reggie Perry Will be a Solid Contributor to the Nets as a Rookie

Mississippi State Basketball: 3 Reasons Why Reggie Perry Will be a Solid Contributor to the Nets as a Rookie

The Brooklyn Nets will kick off their 2020-2021 NBA Preseason tomorrow against the Washington Wizards. Mississippi State fans will have a vested interest in watching Nets Basketball this season. The Brooklyn Nets drafted former Mississippi State basketball star Reggie Perry in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

The Nets have two superstars in Kyrie Erving and Kevin Durant. Bulldog fans surely will be watching to see how Perry performs in his first NBA preseason game. I think the Nets are a good fit for Perry as he transitions to the NBA.

Former NBA Superstar Steve Nash coaches the Nets in his first year. The Nets also have Amar’e Stoudamire on their player development staff. Here are my three reasons why I feel Reggie Perry will be a solid contributor to the Brooklyn Nets as a rookie.

No Pressure to Start Immediately

Reggie Perry was the star player for Mississippi State last year. He was the number one option to score and was counted on to be the leading rebounder. In his first season as an NBA Player, Perry will not have to be counted on right away to be a team leader. The Nets have a veteran core of players in Durant, Irving, and Deandre Jordan.

Jordan is the starting center for the Nets. The Nets also have plenty of depth behind Jordan. I expect Perry to play a combination of Power Forward and Center for the Nets. He has the length and strength to battle for rebounds, block shots, and defend the four and five positions.

Learning behind a player like Jordan will definitely help Perry’s development. Amar’e Stoudamire will also play a part in helping Reggie Perry adjust to the NBA.

Stoudamire was one of the most exciting dunkers when he played. Perry does not play above the rim like Stoudamire in his youth, but they have the same body and build.

Offensive Versatility and Shooting

Reggie Perry is a player that can score the basketball. He proved that in two years at Mississippi State.  In his sophomore season, he improved his three-point shooting to become an all-around offensive threat.

Perry’s growing offensive versatility should help him during his rookie season. He is a monster in the paint, and his strength helps him battle for offensive rebounds. He also improved as a passer in his sophomore season.

As Perry readies to start his NBA career, he will have to continue to improve as a shooter to become the versatile big man that the Nets need him to be. Perry is a good free-throw shooter and shot 76% from the line last year. I agree with Ben Howland when he said that Reggie Perry would be a successful NBA player.

Praise from Veteran Teammates in Training Camp

Second-round picks in the NBA are normally not expected to make an NBA roster, and if they do, most of them don’t have long careers. Reggie Perry hopes to buck that trend, and his veteran teammates’ comments shine a light on his work so far during Nets training camp.

Deandre Jordan says he loves what Perry is doing and that he is a tough player with no fear and the ability to shoot the ball. Those are welcome comments from a veteran player who has made a name for himself in the NBA.

Bulldog Fans, How do you think Perry will fare in his rookie season with the Nets?

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