Mississippi State football: 2021 Uncommitted offensive linemen Mike Leach should target

Members of the Mississippi State Bulldogs offensive line (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Members of the Mississippi State Bulldogs offensive line (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Mississippi State football program is about to make a giant shift towards passing the ball more, and the offensive line needs to be upgraded to keep up.

Fixing the Bulldogs offensive line was something that needed to happen even before Joe Moorhead was shown the door and Mike Leach came to Starkville. But with the Air Raid offense being installed, the need to find the right guys at the offensive line is even more crucial.

It won’t do a lot of good to bring in a gunslinger if he can’t stay upright or run the designed plays without scrambling for his life.

One of the hallmarks of a Mike Leach offensive line is the wide splits he employs. The offensive linemen are practically in different zip codes when in a pass-protection set, and Leach explained the methodology to 247 Sports reporter, Steve Robertson.

"“Back in the day, there was a guy named Roger French who kind of revolutionized some elements of pass protection. He was the BYU offensive line coach. They got to a point where they had some wide splits. He would widen them out and what that does is that it puts the defensive ends further away. It creates passing lanes and it creates running lanes. If you are having a tough time, then you have to tighten it up, you know.”"

Leach wants long, big bodies who can move quickly and who use their frames keep defensive linemen and edge rushers off balance. Since the majority of the play calls will likely be passing, having linemen who have the agility, footwork, and stamina to stand up and pass block constantly is a must.

These OL recruits would really help the Mississippi State football program

The 2020 class is wrapped up, and Mike Leach didn’t really have a lot of time to put his signature on it. He’s already lured some transfers into Starkville and with the 2021 class, he’ll need to start finding the linemen who can thrive in his Air Raid offense.

Here are some uncommitted recruits that would really bolster the line for the Bulldogs

Tommy Brockermeyer, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Tommy Brockermeyer would be the ideal player to step into the Leach offense. At nearly 6’7 and 285 pounds, Brockermeyer is the tall, long, quick tackle that the Bulldogs need. He’s very adept at pass-protection is a quick study. Right now he’s got three different SEC schools in his top five, but unfortunately, Mississippi State isn’t one of them.

It shouldn’t be hard for Mike Leach and his team to convince the No. 1 offensive tackle in the nation that he’s a better fit for the Air Raid than he is for Auburn’s hybrid option offense or Alabama’s ground and pound. The tougher job will be trying to pry him away from his home state of Texas.

Chance of landing in Starkville: 25 percent

Amarius Mims, Cochran, Ga.

Amarius Mims may be one of the best pure athletes who doesn’t play a skill position in the 2021 class. He’s a huge specimen, at 6’7 and 315 pounds, but moves like a middle linebacker. He’s got knockdown strength in his arms and hands but doesn’t get suckered in by a good spin move.

Most analysts have Mims heading to Georgia, and given the way Kirby Smart is building that line, it’s no surprise. It would take a big scandal or an indication that it would be a few years before Mims could start for the Athens, Ga. Bulldogs. That doesn’t seem likely.

Chance of landing in Starkville: Less than 10 percent

Tristan Leigh, Fairfax, Va.

Tristan Leigh isn’t as much of a pipe dream as some of the other top offensive line prospects. He’s being recruited and offered by no less than 35 different teams, but as of right now he’s anyone’s prize. He’s not as tall or solid as some of the others getting national attention, but he’s got Mike Leach OT written all over him.

A player with quick feet and lateral movement, Leigh is built to be a premier offensive tackle, and would be a perfect fit for Mississippi State.

There’s a feeling the Virginia native is leaning towards Clemson, but this is one of those players that the personality of Mike Leach and what he’ll tell Leigh he wants in the passing game could draw him in. That would be a huge steal for Leach and company.

Chance of landing in Starkville: 40 percent

Rocco Spindler, Clarkston, Mi.

Moving towards the inside of the Bulldogs line needs, offensive guard Rocco Spindler needs to be on the radar.

The good news is that Spindler hasn’t committed as of yet. The bad news is that three of his top five schools are in the Big Ten, with a big interest in Notre Dame as well. Luring this young man to the south may take a bit of work.

But if he can be pried away from the midwest, oh what a find he would be. He’s a sturdy, aggressive lineman with a background in wrestling. He’s got incredible balance for a 300-pound guy and can block well in space. This kid will make any school’s interior line better almost immediately.

Chance of landing in Starkville: 20 percent 

Any of those four players would make a huge difference right away for the Mississippi State offensive line. None of them are easy targets, but Mike Leach always seems to have a way of drawing people to his side. There’s no reason a big effort to land one or more of these players shouldn’t be attempted.

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