Bench Mobb music video is an iconic part of Mississippi State baseball history

Mississippi State baseball

OMAHA, NE – JUNE 24: The Mississippi State Bulldogs run in the outfield to warm up before playing the UCLA Bruins during game one of the College World Series Finals on June 24, 2013 at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. UCLA won 3-1. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

My wife isn’t exactly a huge fan of it, but the Bench Mobb official music video is definitely a huge part of Mississippi State baseball history.

The Bench Mobb music video is roughly five and a half years old. Or, well, as anyone that is five and a half years old would probably tell you, it’s almost six years old. The 2019 Mississippi State baseball season is about to begin and that old, hectic, zero-budget music video is still technically an iconic part of Mississippi State baseball history.

The video is hectic and a bit awkward. The lyrics, well, are kinda in that same sort of mold. But none of that should really surprise anyone.

College baseball players are more or less known for being a bit different and having fun with any opportunity that they can. And this video did a great job of showcasing this team’s eccentric personality (and also the players’ eccentric personalities).

The video and the song are clunky and hectic and awkward, but it’s fun and that group of guys that had a fun time putting a music video together did go all the way to the College World Series championship series.

Things have changed quite a bit since Ross Mitchell, Evan Mitchell, and Jacob Lindgren got together in a studio (or actually it was probably someone’s apartment with a laptop and a podcasting microphone) to record that song.

The Mississippi State baseball team is on its third new head coach since that video was shot. Jacob Lindgren is with the Chicago White Sox organization. Ross Mitchell is going to be helping out with the radio broadcasts of Mississippi State baseball games for the 2019 season. Evan Mitchell was up in Minnesota with the St. Paul Saints last season.

So yeah, quite a bit has happened since that video was recorded.

But that team should be remembered and celebrated for all that it accomplished. That video should also be remembered and celebrated for being (a weird) part of that historic run for that team.