Mississippi State basketball: Nick Weatherspoon to have MRI on left knee

Mississippi State basketball

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY – DECEMBER 12: Jacob Evans #1 of the Cincinnati Bearcats handles the ball against Nick Weatherspoon #0 of the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the second half of a game at BB&T Arena on December 12, 2017 in Highland Heights, Kentucky. Cincinnati won 65-50. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

During last night’s game against the Alabama Crimson Tide, Mississippi State basketball’s Nick Weatherspoon went down with a knee injury. The sophomore guard is apparently having an MRI today.

Last night’s Mississippi State basketball game against the Alabama Crimson Tide was a rough one all around. The Bulldogs lost in frustrating fashion thanks to a slow start that they could not overcome, despite every attempt to do so in the second half. But more than just losing the game, the Bulldogs lost a key player to injury last night.

During the first half of the Bulldogs’ game against the Crimson Tide, Nick Weatherspoon landed awkwardly after attempting a dunk, as tweeted out by the Starkville Daily News’ Joel Coleman.

That landing after that attempted dunk did something to Weatherspoon’s knee and caused him to go down in pain.

Which isn’t good.

Even though Weatherspoon would later return to the bench, he never did return to the game. After the game ended, Mississippi State basketball head coach Ben Howland expressed his concerns about the injury.

And the injury doesn’t seem good at all. Weatherspoon was unable to get off the court under his own power and so he needed teammates to help him get to the bench.

That doesn’t seem promising for Weatherspoon or for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. But it’s hard to tell just how bad the situation is and it’s impossible to honestly and accurately speculate as to how bad that injury might be.

So the Bulldogs are going to have that knee checked out today. Nick Weatherspoon is going to have an MRI to get everything looked at and evaluated.

Nick Weatherspoon, as just a sophomore, has had some pretty bad injury luck during his time with the Bulldogs. It’s awful any time that a player is injured, but it certainly seems worse when it happens to a guy who has been dinged up a few times already.

The men’s Mississippi State basketball team is struggling right now to remain consistent and will need Weatherspoon if at all possible. However, his health is the number one priority in all of this. That should be more important than trying to get a few more wins this season. If Weatherspoon is able to come back later this year, he shouldn’t come back until his knee is fully healthy and he has recovered.