NFL Bulldogs: Dak Prescott says Tony Romo helped his development


Dak Prescott left Mississippi State as the most decorated player in program history. He says Tony Romo helped his transition to the NFL.

You know the story.

Dak Prescott took the NFL world by storm as soon as he played his first drive of his first preseason game. From the jump, the fourth-round rookie made GMs and executives around the league look like fools for passing up on him.

When Tony Romo, the face of the Dallas Cowboys for the last decade, went down in week three of the preseason, fans everywhere wondered if Dallas would sink for the second consecutive season. Dak had other plans in mind. He put America’s Team on his shoulders and led them on a franchise-long eleven game winning streak.

In the process, Dak officially became ‘the man’ for the Dallas Cowboys.

Naturally, the media wanted to create a controversy between the star rookie and the veteran face of the franchise. It would have been understandable if Romo grew uncomfortable with a situation he couldn’t have envisioned coming.

But, in an interview with Rich Eisen, Dak said Romo “was always so helpful”.

"Rich Eisen: So did it ever get uncomfortable, Dak?Dak Prescott: It truly never did. Just in the fact, and that’s why I say I commend him, is… I don’t know how he felt personally. Obviously I know as much of a competitor as he is that he wanted to play. That as much success as he had in this league, he probably felt that he should play. But it never did as I said. He always was so helpful to me, I felt it was genuine, and I commend him for that."

That’s impressive on Romo’s part. It only takes one hit to change the dynamic of an entire franchise. Dak, Romo, and the Dallas Cowboys faced that reality last season. In the midst of witnessing the best rookie season in NFL history, the franchise’s longtime quarterback made sure to help Prescott along the way.

Now, Tony Romo is off to call games as CBS’ lead in-game analyst. Dak doesn’t have Romo looking over his shoulder anymore, but he is very appreciative of what he learned from the Dallas Cowboys’ franchise leader in passing yards, touchdowns, and quarterback rating.

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You can watch Dak’s full interview discussing the relationship with Romo, his late mother, and more with Eisen here: