The Eight worsts Egg Bowls of my life

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Embarrassing times to be a Bulldog…

8. 2008 – Ole Miss 45, MSU 0 (Oxford).  Does this one even need a comment?  This was one serious beat down, and the only good thing that came from it is that it mercifully brought an end to the Croom era.

7. 1971 – Ole Miss 48, MSU 0 (Starkville)*.  Some of you reading this probably weren’t alive for this one, but this is probably the only game that I’ve ever seen droves of people leaving the game in the second quarter!   After a scoreless first quarter, the Rebels scored 42 points in the second period.  That’s right, 42 points in one quarter.  You can’t do that without some turnover help from your opponent, and the Bulldogs were in an extremely helpful mood that day.