Bulldogs, It’s Time to Do Something About the Clarion Ledger

Mississippi’s largest newspaper, the Clarion Ledger, has proven time and time again that they do not care what Bulldog fans think of their coverage. So is it time to finally fire back at the state’s largest newspaper?

Following the Bulldogs’ victory over Arkansas last night, they were crowned the 2016 SEC Baseball Regular Season Champions. A side story to this was the fact that the Texas A&M Aggies would need to lose to arch-rival Ole Miss in order for the Bulldogs to hold sole possession of the Conference title. Regardless of the outcome of the Aggies-Rebels game, the Bulldogs would be considered a conference champion. The only reason the Bulldogs would want the Aggies to lose is to hold sole possession, and to be named the #1 seed in this week’s SEC Baseball Tournament in Hoover.

Bulldog fans woke up Sunday morning, wanting to grab the paper in proud view of the headline that would be held forever in memories for when we won our 11th Conference title. However, many Bulldogs were shocked to find that the state’s largest newspaper didn’t even give them full credit for winning the title. However, they saw a headline that read “Thanks, Rebels: MSU Gets Help Winning SEC.”

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the history between Bulldog fans and the Clarion Ledger, it isn’t a very happy one. Any time there is happiness for the Bulldogs, credit always seems to somehow find its way to anyone BUT the Bulldogs. Also, the Clarion Ledger seems to run with anyone negative about the Bulldogs, but politely ignores what goes on with the Rebels.

Bulldog player gets a parking ticket? RUN IT! Rebel gets arrested? Nah, let’s wait until all the facts come out, and be sure to get a quote from Hugh Freeze saying that he’s a good kid who just made a mistake.

Many Bulldog fans have been crying foul for years over the coverage bias between the two largest schools in the State of Mississippi. This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back, however, as almost any Bulldog you talk to is calling for a MSU-wide boycott of the Clarion Ledger.

So what say you, Bulldogs? Should we boycott the state’s largest newspaper, or is this just an unfortunate wording of the headlines? Personally? I’m going to unfollow every account associated with the Clarion Ledger, and not give them a single click.


2:25 PM Update

Clarion Ledger Sports Editor, Hugh Kellenberger, has taken to twitter to issue a public apology for the headline. While a step, I don’t believe it can make up for the list of errors that have ensued.

5:54 PM Update

Executive Director of the Clarion Ledger, Sam R. Hall, has issued a statement titled “About that unfortunate MSU headline in Sunday’s paper.” If you wish to read the statement by Hall, you can click the link here. While it’s great that checks have been put into place to prevent an error like this, a few questions do come to mind. Why haven’t these checks been in place when outsourcing your headlines to a company in Nashville, TN, which is 330 miles away from your offices?


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