News & Notes | SEC Primary Edition

Feb 15, 2016; Greenville, SC, USA; Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump during a campaign rally at the TD Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Lauren Petracca/The Greenville News via USA TODAY NETWORK
Feb 15, 2016; Greenville, SC, USA; Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump during a campaign rally at the TD Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Lauren Petracca/The Greenville News via USA TODAY NETWORK /

I won’t call this “MSU” News & Notes because it will feature very little MSU news, but instead I’ll feed some comments and opinion to those stopping by on this Tuesday afternoon….

1.0 – State’s first trip to the Pavilion is set for Wednesday night. The Dawgs are playing their best basketball of the season and have a chance to sweep the Rebs in Ben Howland’s first year. Need to stay hot for a chance to get a bye in the SEC Tournament.

2.0 – Diamond Dawgs play Alcorn State tonight, the game may or may not happen due to weather. If it does, it should be an easy win as SWAC games usually are. If it doesn’t, I say no harm done since SWAC games are a bruise to your RPI anyway.

3.0 – It’s amazing the power of the SEC – the conference is so big and powerful that a handful of primaries going on this week and next are referred to as the “SEC primaries”. Today, of course, is Super Tuesday featuring Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. Louisiana and Kentucky are Friday and Mississippi next Tuesday.

4.0 – I’d urge you to exercise your right to vote. You may not like any of the candidates, but you don’t have to like them. Vote for the person you believe will defend and help grow the United States for the better. In the end you’re voting for their policy and ability to run this country, not whether they’d be a good next door neighbor or not.

5.0 – Nashville hot chicken. I’ve had it twice at KFC and it’s so good. I would like to eat it again it’s so good. I’ve never actually had the real deal Nashville hot chicken; in fact, I hadn’t heard of it until recently. I’m thinking of trying to make some myself. I was watching a TV show on the Food Network of how Haddie B’s in Nashville makes theirs….essentially they fry up the chicken and pour some of the grease into some spices that include red pepper as the key one, then pour that mixture over the cooked chicken. Sounds pretty gross, but what I’ve had at KFC was delicious.

6.0 – I watched the first episode of “Fuller House” last night. It was actually entertaining. I remember watching the original in the early 90s so it was nostalgic. We’ll see if any more of the episodes are entertaining or if I’ll just start blogging while my wife watches.

7.0 – Chris Jones was not embarrassed. I would’ve been embarrassed, but Chris was not.

8.0 – If you consider yourself a conservative and are so anti-Trump that you will not vote for him in a potential general election vs. Hillary Clinton, you’re committing political suicide. If you’re really a conservative, then you wouldn’t want a bonafide unabashed liberal like Hillary in the White House. Even if you have your doubts about Trump’s conservative beliefs, he is absolutely more conservative than Hillary by a long shot. At the end of the day a conservative is for individual responsibility, lower taxes and less government – a liberal is for the opposite. All the other positions and viewpoints are in addition to the base of what it means to be a conservative. As Newt Gingrich has said, Trump is a “anti-left, anti-politically correct, anti-stupidity American nationalist”.  You can vote against someone by voting for someone else.

9.0 – Number nine will be a huge debate after Super Tuesday so be ready for it and prepare yourself for how you will move forward if you are a conservative not voting for Trump in the primary.

10.0 – Right now we are six months away from college football season. We are also one week away from the end of the regular season college basketball. As a college sports fan it’s hard to get through it, but you just have to stop thinking about it. I’ve wasted some summers just wanting it to be over so it would be football season; I also love the fall as well. Then I thought about just relaxing and enjoying the summer. Then the same for the spring. And wouldn’t you know, I’ve spent my last few spring and summers relishing the present instead of waiting for the future. Don’t get too wrapped up in sports. Try to enjoy some other things, especially your family, and you’ll be much happier.