Mississippi State Baseball Forecast: Rain, Rain, Go Away


UPDATE: Game vs. Memphis postponed until April 13.

After a less than thrilling weekend for Bulldog fans, Mississippi State baseball gets back into action this Tuesday with a game against Memphis. The game is scheduled for a first pitch of 4:00 PM CST at Dudy Noble Field, and can be seen on SEC Network Plus. The reason why you may hear some skepticism from many in the Meteorlogical side of things as far as the game actually being played is very simple, and I’ll use a Family Guy reference for that. As the “great” meteorologist Ollie Williams says, “IT GONNA RAIN!!!”

Models have been trending towards a higher-end event tomorrow, with the main threat area being in Central and South Mississippi. This is all according to the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK. All these guys do is try to predict severe weather days in advance, and they’re the best in the business. With the risk area including the Starkville, MS area, it’s not surprising to see models agree almost exclusively with this assessment. If you want the basic rundown, we have a low-pressure system rolling through the area. With this low pressure, it’s going to bring a lot of instability and “spin” to the atmosphere. With this spin, there’s a very good chance for severe weather. This is not something that you can just scoff off and say, “well it hasn’t happened before, so why worry about it now?” I’ll tell you why, because all it takes is one time for you to never think of these things the same way again.

Now let’s explain why we won’t be playing a game tomorrow, shall we? The models are basically all saying that we will be getting rain starting around 3:00 PM CST. Now if you remember, first pitch is slated for 4:00 PM CST. Now you’re seeing the problem in tomorrow’s situation right? Okay…now let’s get to the even worse part. It’s heavy rain, thunderstorms, and high winds. Those three alone would be enough to stop a game. Put the three together, and you have the makings for a cancelled or rescheduled game well before first pitch. Honestly, how we’ve made it to the 24-hour mark without us having the game cancelled or rescheduled is a mind-boggling decision.

So take it from me, and yes, I put my official seal of approval on this statement. We will NOT play a game tomorrow at Dudy Noble Field. Mississippi State and Memphis will NOT play tomorrow. The game may be rescheduled or cancelled, but I don’t see a game happening Tuesday. But that’s just my humble opinion, and you can do with it as you wish. As far as the severe weather threat, I’ll be monitoring it all day and will be providing as many updates as possible on twitter.