Mississippi State Bulldogs: 50 Greatest Athletes in School History

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#18 Erick Dampier, Basketball Center (1994-1996) Erick Dampier was a monster. He stood at 6’11” and was about as intimidating a player that has ever anchored the middle of a starting lineup for the Bulldogs. Defense was Dampier’s claim to fame, but he eventually became a much better offensive player as he got further into his career. The Bulldogs went to the NIT his freshman season and the NCAA Tournament his sophomore and junior years. Dampier was the focal point of a defensive team that harassed the other team into making mistakes. Dampier left for the NBA after the team’s run to the Final Four in 1996 and was a lottery draft choice by the Indiana Pacers. He played 16 seasons in the NBA, most of which were with the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors.

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