Top 30 Games in Mississippi State Basketball History

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#23: 2003 SEC Tournament – Mississippi State 73 vs. Ole Miss 64

It’s not often you get to beat your rival three times in one season, and for that, this game makes the list.

2003 was another good year for MSU as they followed up the 2002 SEC Tournament championship team. They beat Ole Miss narrowly at the Tad Pad, 58-57 early in the year. Then at the Hump it was another narrow escape, 68-64 in overtime.

When the Rebels advanced to the second round of the SEC Tournament, MSU knew they had a fight on their hands, but this one had a little bigger margin of victory. It was a pretty great feeling to be 3-0 against them in just one season…are rare feat.

State beat LSU the next day to advance to the SEC title game, but lost to Kentucky.

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