Top 30 Games in Mississippi State Basketball History

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#4: Regional Semifinal in 1963 – Loyola 61 vs. Mississippi State 51

This was the “Game of Change”. It’s up this high despite it being a loss because of the historical significance and it’s MSU’s first NCAA Tournament appearance.

By now you know the story. All of the great teams that were mentioned in previous slides were denied a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament due to the unwritten rule about playing schools with black athletes. Then Babe McCarthy and the Mississippi State administration decided enough was enough and they snuck out of town to play Loyola despite the warnings from state officials not to do so.

Unfortunately this was the end of an era for MSU basketball as they were never again the dominate force they were in the late 50s, early 60s. It’s a shame all those years were wasted due to prejudice.

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