Top 30 Games in Mississippi State Basketball History

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#5: 1959 – Mississippi State 23 Ole Miss 16

Can you imagine a game with the final score of 23-16? This is basketball, not football mind you. But it was before the shot clock was invented and going into a stall offense happened from time to time.

MSU needed this game to clinch their first ever SEC championship, and they got it. At 24-1 (13-1), this road win over rival Ole Miss marked the 15th straight win of the season. The Bulldogs nudged Auburn, who they had lost to previously, out for the conference title.

Unfortunately the Bulldogs were unable to play in the NCAA Tournament due to the ban on playing teams with black players. Still, the AP placed them #3 in the final poll – which still stands as the highest mark of any MSU basketball team.

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