Everything I Hated about the 2015 Egg Bowl


Nov 28, 2015; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen looks up at the scoreboard during the second quarter of the game against the Mississippi Rebels at Davis Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State fans had a lot to hate about the Egg Bowl this year. This list is a good start.

That was the worst Egg Bowl I ever watched. It was even worse than the 2008 45-0 beating Mississippi State suffered back then. At least that was in Oxford and we really didn’t expect to win.

This game was one Mississippi State could win. It was at home. It was Dak Prescott’s last game. And the Bulldogs just rolled over to the most hated team in Starkville. So I just decided to make a list of things that I hated. It’s a pretty long list.

  1. Dak Prescott’s fumble.
  2. Chad Kelly running for 29 yards to get the first touchdown.
  3. The offensive line giving up a bunch of sacks.
  4. Our defense missing tackle after tackle.
  5. Ole Miss Twitter.
  6. Dan Mullen just playing way too conservative
  7. Dak Prescott throwing a pick 6.
  8. Watching our team look completely unprepared.
  9. Not playing the game with any emotion.
  10. Losing for the first time to Ole Miss in Starkville since 2003.
  11. Sending the greatest player on the history of the school out with a humiliating loss.
  12. Ole Miss players celebrating on our field.
  13. Looking like a junior high team playing a talented college team.
  14. Believing Dan Mullen would use this as his excuse to leave town.
  15. Manny Diaz not coming up with anything to counter the Ole Miss offense.
  16. Feeling like the team gave up after we were down 21-0.
  17. That we couldn’t get a three and out when we desperately needed one in the second half.
  18. Wunderlich missing two relatively easy field goal attempts and then hitting a 48 yarder, which was a career long.
  19. Jiles just not jumping on the fumble to start the 4th quarter and it bouncing right to Kelly for the first down.
  20. Ole Miss running for a touchdown on the very next play.
  21. Dan Mullen apparently not caring about winning the Egg Bowl any more.
  22. Turning into a penalty committing factory.
  23. Being outcoached by a coach who routinely gets outcoached.
  24. Turning the running game of Ole Miss into Bama for the second straight year.
  25. Getting my hopes up at the start of the third quarter only to have them crushed later.
  26. Going 1-3 at home this year in SEC play.
  27. Being completely incapable of getting a stop when you desperately need one.
  28. Giving up 3rd down conversion after 3rd down conversion.
  29. The announcers mentioning we were number 1 at one point last year.
  30. Watching my son give up hope on the game early on.
  31. Knowing the two turnovers were likely the reason Mississippi State lost.
  32. Mullen falling to 1-3 to Hugh Freeze.
  33. Not thinking it would be such a bad thing if Mullen left for another job.
  34. The final score.

If I missed something you hated, feel free to add it in the comments. There was a lot to hate in that game.