Nick Saban’s Egotistical Recruiting Visit to Chad Bumphis’ House


Nick Saban gives the impression that it’s his way or the highway. Apparently that’s true when he’s visiting recruits houses as well.

A few weeks ago on his podcast, The Slant, on Bulldog Sports Radio, Chad Bumphis explained what Nick Saban and two of his assistant coaches did on a recruiting visit to his home while Chad was still in high school.

The story came up when co-host Brandon Walker was discussing all the people he’d like to punch in the face. Bumphis could only come up with one, and it was Nick Saban due to what he did at his house.

As Chad explains in the podcast, Saban entered the house and told his two assistant coaches to rearrange the position of the couch because he did not like how Chad’s mother had it. So the assistants moved the couch and Chad’s mama was not too happy about it.

This story is pretty funny as Chad explains it because his mother is very particular about her living room, and the audacity of Nick Saban to think he can just rearrange the furniture in a house he’s never been to. Needless to say, but Chad ended up at Mississippi State were he became the school’s all-time leader in receiving yards and touchdowns (2nd in receptions).

You can listen below, the story starts at the 22 minute mark. You may want to continue listening to Brandon’s list of 30 people he’d like to punch in the face because it’s pretty funny.

Chad Bumphis probably doesn’t think too fondly of Alabama. Not only were his teams 0-4 against the Tide but he had a kickoff touchdown erroneously called back in 2009….