SEC Power Rankings: Week 11


Well, things got interesting in the SEC this weekend. And they came really close to getting even more interesting had a Vanderbilt been able to pull off the upset of Florida, it would have gotten really crazy.

The top 4 in my mind are pretty clear. After that, it’s murkier than any pond water you’ll find in the bayous of Louisiana. But I still rank them any way.

Here is how I stack up the SEC going into Week 10.

  1. Alabama (8-1, Previous Week: 2nd) The more things change, the more they stay the same. Alabama has reclaimed their spot at the top of just about everything in college football
  2. LSU (7-1, Previous Week: 1st) Things looked so good for LSU. They had a run away freight train for the Heisman. They had a quarterback who hadn’t thrown an interception all season. And then they ran into Bama in Tuscaloosa.
  3. Florida (8-1, Previous Week: 3rd) I came really close to moving them down a spot after that terrible performance against Vanderbilt, but I held off. But there is nothing to like about the offense Florida is showing right now.
  4. Mississippi State (7-2, Previous Week: 4th) And despite the 3-2 start, the Bulldogs could make some serious noise if they pull off the upset this weekend.
  5. Tennessee (5-4, Previous Week: 7th) Tennessee is probably the best team in the East, but they were their own worst enemy in the early part of the season. And it ended up costing them the SEC East title.
  6. Arkansas (5-4, Precious Week: 8th) Brandon Allen decided to tell people the Razorbacks can win because of him. He has always played great when ahead, but he was as good as any quarterback has been all year long against Ole Miss.
  7. Ole Miss (7-3, Previous Week: 5th) I have said it before, but you can never be sure which Ole Miss team is going to show up. When they play their best, they can beat anyone. When they decide to just play half heartedly, they can allow a quarterback who was at best a game manager look like an NFL caliber quarterback.
  8. Georgia (6-3, Previous Week: 9th) We all wanted to bury Georgia. And, yes, it’s a disappointing season, but they might be able to rebound.
  9. Auburn (5-4, Previous Week: 10th) They have one likely win, possibly two left on the schedule. Somehow, this team is probably making it to a bowl.
  10. Texas A&M (6-3, Previous Week: 6th) Remember when I said Kyler Murray might not be the savior for the Aggies. This past weekend was why.
  11. Vanderbilt (3-6, Previous Week: 14th) The Commodores almost beat the SEC East Champs. Sure, why not put them at 11th.
  12. Kentucky (4-5, Previous Week: 11th) That was pretty bad Kentucky, even for Kentucky.
  13. South Carolina (3-6, Previous Week: 13th) The Gamecocks gave the Vols a run for their money, but they came up short. Might as well keep them in 13th.
  14. Missouri (4-5, Previous Week: 14th) The offense is terrible. And now the players are going on strike due to racial issues if the President isn’t fired or step down. This is about the only spot for Missouri.

Come on back next week after another week of SEC Football action and see what happens to the SEC Power Rankings.