SEC Power Rankings: Week 10


Sep 6, 2014; Gainesville, FL, USA; A SEC marker on the field during the second half between the Florida Gators and the Eastern Michigan Eagles at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Florida Gators defeated the Eastern Michigan Eagles 65-0. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t a ton of movement in the SEC Power Rankings this week. All of the results were basically what we expected, so the rankings won’t have a huge shakeup, especially in the top half.

The two teams to watch going forward will be Texas A&M and Tennessee. If they start winning at a high level again, it will do wonders for the depth of the league. The top was looking great for a while, and the bottom looked bad. But a good Texas A&M and Tennessee will help strengthen the perception of the SEC.

Here is how I stack up the SEC going into Week 10.

  1. LSU (7-0, Previous Week: 1st) They got to sit at home and get ready for Alabama, which has all sorts of implications, both on the SEC and National Championship.
  2. Alabama (7-1, Previous Week: 2nd) They got to sit at home and get ready for LSU, which has all sorts of implications, both on the SEC and National Championship.
  3. Florida (7-1, Previous Week: 3rd) I was under the impression Florida clinched the East this past weekend, but I was told they have to beat Vanderbilt on Saturday to do so. They should take care of that and complete one of the most remarkable turnarounds in the country.
  4. Mississippi State (6-2, Previous Week: 4th) Our Bulldogs got to sit home and prepare for Missouri on a short week.
  5. Ole Miss (7-2, Previous Week: 5th) While Ole Miss didn’t run away and hide from Auburn, you never really thought they were going to lose either.
  6. Texas A&M (6-2, Precious Week: 6th) Kyler Murray played great and has been appointed the savior of Texas A&M. I’ve seen this before. The same thing was said about Kyle Allen right about this time last year. 9-3 or 8-4 looks pretty likely for the Aggies, but they could still end the season at 10-2, which would be impressive since most people buried them the prior weekend.
  7. Tennessee (4-4, Previous Week: 8th)  Tennessee is starting to figure things out, and they could be really dangerous next season.
  8. Arkansas (4-4, Previous Week: 9th) Arkansas will likely not live up to their preseason expectations, and they may not even get to a bowl with games against Ole Miss, LSU, and Mississippi State left on the schedule. But they could be that pesky team that beats you up and makes you wish you didn’t have to play them
  9. Georgia (5-3, Previous Week: 7th) The wheels are coming off at Georgia. This team could win every game left on their schedule, but they could also lose 3 of 4. It might not matter at all because Richt might have worn out his welcome.
  10. Auburn (4-4, Previous Week: 10th) It’s rare I don’t move a team down after a loss, especially one where the team looked as bad as Auburn did, but this is the issue with the bottom portion of the league. It’s really bad.
  11. Kentucky (4-4, Previous Week: 11th) See what I just about Auburn? Apply it to Kentucky.
  12. Missouri (4-4, Previous Week: 14th) Do they belong here? I don’t know. The other two teams at the bottom lost, so why not.
  13. South Carolina (3-5, Previous Week: 13th) South Carolina looked decent offensively for the first time all season. That might say more about Texas A&M’s defense though than South Carolina.
  14. Vanderbilt (3-5, Previous Week: 12th) I know Houston is a much better football team than most people thought they would be, but losing 34-0 is just inexcusable. So back to the bottom they go.

A few games this week could really shake things up in the SEC. We’ll see what happens in a big weekend slate of games, and how they affect the landscape of the SEC. The SEC Power Rankings might look a lot different.  Should be a fun week.