Going Back in Time: 10 MSU Football Games I’d Like to Change

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Sep 26, 2015; Auburn, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen calls a time out during the second quarter against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Today is October 21, 2015. That’s the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly (plus his girlfriend Jennifer) go into the future in Back to the Future Part II. I’ve always been a big Back to the Future fan. The first film is perhaps my favorite movie of all time; I bet I’ve seen it nearly 100 times. So since we’ve landed on that date that was once so far in the future, and this is a Mississippi State blog, let’s use his as an opportunity to go back in time to change some Bulldog football games of the past.

State has been playing football for well over 100 years, so I’ll probably miss a few on this list that I just wasn’t around for. If you’ve got some suggestions of games you’d like to change be sure to drop it in the comments section. But as for this post, I’ll just go back to 1985 – that’s the year the Back to the Future trilogy is based in.

Before we get to the slideshow, here are a few that just missed the cut:

  • 1992 vs. #2 Alabama – #16 MSU had a 21-20 4th quarter lead but lost
  • 2000 vs. Arkansas – blocked Scott Westerfield 35 yard field goal in the 4th quarter and then Dontae Walker was stopped at the one yard line in overtime to end the game
  • 2001 vs. Auburn – three Tiger field goals in the 4th quarter including one with :18 left won the game 16-14
  • 1999 vs. Alabama – Pig Prather punt return inside the Bama 10 was negated by a bogus holding call
  • 2004 vs. Arkansas – Umpire stood over the ball at the one yard line just before the half allowing substitutions and the clock ran out, State lost 24-21
  • 2000 vs. LSU – lost a 10 point lead and the game in overtime on a questionable touchdown by LaBrandon Toefield
  • 2014 vs. Alabama – maybe if Josh Robinson isn’t tackled in the endzone for a safety that game goes differently considering the 2nd half

Ok, now it’s time to get to the top 10. Hop in the DeLorean, turn the time circuits on and let the flux capacitor do its thing…

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