SEC Rant Post of the Week: SC – LSU


Sep 19, 2015; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU fan Wayne Broussard with his tigers during tailgating before the game between Louisiana State and Auburn at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

I did a post last year called Message board post of the week. I stopped doing it because I was pulling almost everything from SEC Rant. So I decided to pick it back up this week, and this time, I’m just calling it SEC Rant Post of the Week. It’s more appropriate that way.

The post of the week this time comes to us from gamecocks22, an obvious south Carolina fan. His post is titled “I hope LSU fans do the right thing on Saturday”. This post is in regards to the sticky situation the SEC is in. They need to play the game between South Carolina and LSU, but the current state of affairs in South Carolina makes it almost impossible for the game to be played in Columbia. so, the game has been moved to Baton Rouge. Here is what gamecocks22 had to say about the situation.

"Quiet when SCar has the ballLoud as hell when LSU has the ball.Let SCar use the home locker room and run out to 2001 to the home sideline, while LSU quietly sneaks to the visitors sideline to a sea of boo birds.ETA: also should paint a gamecock in the middle of the field and our endzone logo’s as well.It’s the right thing to do….if you have any class."

He’s not actually being serious based off of a later post. But there are some great replies.

From TH03, a Notre Dame fan:

"Oh shut up"

From jebeco, an LSU fan:


From CNB, a Tampa Bay Rays fan:

"Here’s where everyone takes this post seriously and calls you an idiot."

SCgamecock2988 added this tidbit

"Here’s a list of things I want to happen:Call the game off in VegasLSU wears purple (since they’re weird and wear white at home anyway)Paint the endzones like oursDon’t be douches to the 10 fans we have goingDon’t move the kickoff from 12 PM ESTLSU gets the away locker roomNone of their fans are allowed alcohol tailgatingThere’s more… it’ll come to me."

Let me know how that goes. The responses keep going.

ccomeaux, an LSU fan, had this to say.

"Given you have designated yourself as Gamecock Nation Spokesperson and have enough time to sit on your working internet it is only fair to inform you that you should inform your constituency lower expectations related to hospitality is your contribution to the surprise road trip to Death Valley.Nice work."


"maybe Les will let Fournette play for the cocks just this game"

This post from partywiththelombardi summarized the posts being made by people who thought this guy was being serious.

"Sarcasm/Humor it is lost on most. I thought the OP was funny."

This is a great line by Choctaw:

"we’ll probably do something….because we’re the classiest mother frickers in this conference"

I hope you enjoyed that. If not, there’s plenty more to choose from on their site.