What are the Most Pressing Issues for Mississippi State?

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Sep 26, 2015; Auburn, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs wide receiver Gabe Myles (35) celebrates his touchdown reception with Mississippi State Bulldogs offensive lineman Justin Senior (58) against the Auburn Tigers during the first quarter at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Find a blocking scheme that works for the offensive line

The offensive line has gotten progressively better as the season has gone one, but they struggled again when the Bulldogs took on the Aggies. The offensive line play has to improve. Dak Prescott was sacked just the one time, but the Texas A&M defensive ends were constantly in the face of Prescott and made life difficult for him almost the entire night.

There is potential for this group. There is more highly rated talent on this unit than there was in 2014, but they have yet to fully realize that potential.

If the group as a whole continues to struggle, it might be time to consider changing the scheme on how they block. I’m no expert on blocking schemes, so I’m not about to start making suggestions, but games against inferior opponents are the best time to start changing things of this nature.

Mississippi State Offensive Line Coach john Hevesy has a history of developing lower rated linemen into a cohesive group that makes holes for the running backs and protects the quarterback. He can do the same with this group, so it is imperative he looks at all available options in the coming weeks.

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