What are the Most Pressing Issues for Mississippi State?

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Oct 3, 2015; College Station, TX, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Dak Prescott (15) runs the ball against the Texas A&M Aggies during the second half at Kyle Field. Texas A&M won 30-17. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Put points on the board

The Bulldogs have scored no more than 19 points against an SEC opponent in 2015. This is going to have to get better as the season goes along or the Bulldogs won’t have much of a chance to win more than 6 games for this season.

If they fix their running back problem, this part of the team should also start to improve. As of right now, the only consistent scoring options for the Bulldogs inside the 20 is a Dak keeper or to find someone open in the passing game. And passing the ball in side the red zone gets tricky from time to time.

One of the reasons the Bulldogs have struggled to score is directly related to Dan Mullen. The Bulldogs have gotten conservative on many occasions with their play calling. When the Bulldogs were racking up historic numbers on offense a season ago, they stayed aggressive throughout the season. They might have lost their aggressiveness due to the next area that needs to be address on the team.

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