Homegating vs. A&M


Like most of you I’ll be “homegating” for the MSU vs. Texas A&M game. That’s tailgating at home, i.e. sitting in my easy chair and trying to eat some good food and enjoy college football games.

It’s October, so that means nice weather. So that means getting out in the fresh morning air and doing some chores. While I love watching all the college football I can, when you wake up and stay in your pajamas until lunch and lay around all day you feel pretty bad about yourself by the time you go to bed. So at least go outside and get some work done in the yard in the morning – you’re not missing anything on College Game Day.

11:00 – South Carolina at Missouri (-2.5) on SEC Network


I’m a fan of a really good sandwich. Get yourself some meat (cut from the deli, not pre-packaged) and some cheese (from the deli, not pre-packaged) and a number of condiments. While you’re at the deli pick up some fresh bread – the good stuff. Load it up with pickles, mayo, peppers, etc. and toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese and get that delicious warm sandwich. Then get back to that riveting SEC East affair.

USC @ Mizzou is the only SEC game on early, so I’ll switch over to #23 West Virginia at #15 Oklahoma on FS1 frequently. Texas at #4 TCU could be interesting on ABC.

CBS Time

2:30 in the afternoon on Saturdays in the fall is always special. Sure, Verne and Gary aren’t very good but I’ve always gotten excited to see that game – the best game from the best conference. This week it’s #13 Alabama at #8 Georgia (-2.5). I’ll be squarely in my recliner ready to watch this one.

Games to flip to during the commercial breaks are North Carolina at Georgia Tech on ESPNU, Texas Tech at #5 Baylor on ESPN2 and San Jose State at Auburn on SEC Network.

Fire up the Grill

Halftime of the CBS game signals the time to go outside and light the grill. If you’re not using charcoal, shame on you. If you’re looking for a good beer to enjoy while beside the coals, go with Blue Moon’s Pumpkin Ale because it’s delicious and it’s October.

How ’bout some BBQ chicken, corn on the cob (on the grill) and mashed potatoes? That’s about as easy as it gets to prepare and throw on the grill. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the games, the smell of the smoke and the autumn air.

Action Hour

This is crunch time every Saturday. I’m on Eastern time so it’s from 7:00-8:00. The CBS game is ending, along with all the other mid-day games while the night games are starting. To add in a kicker, I’ve got a two year old and a nine month old so it’s bath and bed time. The DVR is crucial here. If the CBS game has a close ending then I’ll keep watching until it’s finished before we take the kids upstairs. If not, it’ll be the first quarter of #3 Ole Miss (-7) at #25 Florida on ESPN.

I did this last week and I’ve done it many times before. MSU vs. A&M starts on SEC Network at 7:30/6:30 so I’m going to DVR it and start 30 minutes late after we put the kids to bed. Some people can’t do this, and I get ency too, but just don’t check your phone and you can skip the commercials the entire first half. By the time the ball kicks off for the 3rd quarter you’re caught up.

Crunch Time

Arkansas at Tennessee on ESPN 2 and #6 Notre Dame at #12 Clemson will be playing alongside the Dawgs and Aggies as well as that OM/UF game. When it’s a commercial in College Station you gotta flip quick. And priorities: 1. Gainesville 2. Knoxville 3. Clemson.

Hopefully State will deliver a victory this week. If so, I may be so wired I’ll watch some Pac 12 games before going to bed. Hail State and happy Homegating.

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