SEC Media Predicts Bulldogs Dead Last – Again


Today marks the end of the 2015 SEC Football Media Days and as always the media gave their predictions on how they felt the season would shake out.  The media collectively, favored Auburn to win the SEC Championship with Alabama only four points behind, but Alabama was actually predicted to win the west by more media than those that favor Auburn.  Yes, that is confusing to me too, but that is how it all shook out.

And – as expected, the SEC Media gave Mississippi State no shot of winning the Western Division and threw the Bulldogs in the basement at number – seven.

This really isn’t a surprise as Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen said earlier in the week his team is “picked last” every year.  This truly has become a common occurence amongst those that conjugate at the Winfrey Hotel every year and it has honestly gotten to the point where it doesn’t even bother most Bulldog fans anymore.

Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the media’s selection of the Bulldogs.

In what has become a common theme, the Bulldogs look like they do not have a shot in 2015 as they are 146-points behind sixth place Texas A&M and almost 1,000-points behind Alabama.

I’ve said before I think this is the year the SEC cannibalizes itself and I still feel that way.  A month ago I showed that in my 2015 predictions.

I stand by my log jam prediction in the SEC East and West and I stand by the SEC possibly missing the college football playoff.  I have heard other national guys recently lean in this direction as well and it’s because there really is no clear-cut favorite in either division.  There are about four teams in the East and all seven in the West that could lay claim to their division crowns.

I do agree with the media, that Auburn beats Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, which means neither will probably even play in the game.  Predictions are hard and you shouldn’t take them to heart because at the end of the day that’s what they are.  However, to throw the Bulldogs in the cellar and to lock the door and throw away the key has become comical.  The good thing is this will all play itself out here in the next few months and it should be a good time.

Below is how the media voted – SEC Champion, Western Division Winner and Eastern Division Winner.  


1. Auburn, 96 points
2. Alabama, 80 points
3. Georgia, 28 points
4. LSU, 9 points
T5. Ole Miss, 3 points
T5. Arkansas, 3 points
T7. Texas A&M, 2 points
T7. Tennessee, 2 points
T9. Mississippi State, 1 point
T9. Florida, 1 point


1. Alabama (92), 1,405 points
2. Auburn (108), 1,362 points
3. LSU (10), 870 points
4. Arkansas (6), 821 points
5. Ole Miss (3), 732 points
6. Texas A&M (4), 628 points
7. Mississippi State (2), 482 points


1. Georgia (166), 1,498 points
2. Tennessee (36), 1,231 points
3. Missouri (20), 1,196 points
4. South Carolina (1), 830 points
5. Florida (1), 768 points
6. Kentucky (1), 534 points
7. Vanderbilt, 243 points