Top 5 Best and Worst MSU Baseball Teams

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Number Four

Worst: 2015 

I don’t need to refresh your memory on this team because we just lived it. While the 8-22 SEC record is one of the absolute worst conference winning percentages in MSU history, they did manage to beat two #1 teams (LSU, Texas A&M)….keeping them from the bottom. This team finished the year 11-30, and lost 18 of their last 21 games – the worst stretch is school history.

Best: 1989

Without a doubt this is the best State team that didn’t make it to the College World Series. They were 54-14 (20-5) and SEC Champions. MSU hosted the Regional as one of the nation’s top teams and cruised through the first two games (six team format), but ran into a buzz saw in Game 3 with North Carolina. That put the Dawgs in the loser’s bracket where they would come back to play UNC in the Regional final, winning the first game but losing the winner take all match-up.

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