Matt Wyatt Says MSU Receiving Corps is SEC’s Best – He’s Right


Recently MSU color analyst for football and co-host of Head to Head Radio in Mississippi appeared on the Out of Bounds Show in Jackson, talking all things MSU football with host Bo Bounds.  Wyatt proclaimed that the 2015 MSU receiving corps was the best in the SEC and went into detail why.  You can hear that entire interview right here. As you can imagine, this didn’t set well with Ole Miss fans because, well they feel their receiving group is far superior to MSU.  They have recently recruited and landed guys like now NFL player Donte Moncrief, standouts like Laquon Treadwell, Evan Engram and more.

And scream they have done.  Ole Miss fans are extremely predictable in times like these as the first thing they start doing is comparing players stats, throwing out comments about this guys stats over that guy, but they fail to look at the entire body of work and picture.

Allow me to lay the entire picture out for you so you may finally see that what Wyatt said is true – MSU has the SEC’s best returning receiving corps.

First let’s review 2014 and look at production from just wide receivers and tight ends as a total unit – not some bad politically skewed math session pointing out this guy over that guy; fuzzy math if you will to fit an agenda.  Let’s look at the facts.

People tend to forget that Mississippi State led the SEC in total offense a year ago and boasted one of the best offenses in the country – running and throwing and the above chart shows you that the Bulldogs  outpaced their Rebel counterparts by 16-more receiving yards and seven more scores.  If you threw in the running backs catching footballs, this puppy isn’t even close.  You can argue all day long that Treadwell is better than Ross or Wilson is better than Core, but at the end of the day production is what matters and Miss. State had better production as a unit in 2014.

Moving on to 2015, here is the returning production for both schools – receivers and tight ends only.

Yes, Ole Miss returns 274-more receiving yards than MSU, but the Bulldogs return again, seven more touchdowns.

Another item Wyatt touched on that most people do not want to accept is MSU is in the best position at quarterback in the SEC, heading into 2015.  Dak Prescott’s return is paramount for the Bulldogs and this unit.  You cannot mistake or ignore the chemistry that Prescott and this crew of receivers have.  Ole Miss doesn’t have that luxury, regardless of whom they roll out in week one and if you think this doesn’t matter you should probably stop watching football all together.

Ole Miss losing Bo Wallace and his production and experience will be next to impossible to replace out the gate.  That doesn’t mean down the road they can’t have the same or better production than in 2014, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I know Ole Miss fan I know!  I know you better than you know yourself, because the next thing you will say is, but “we have Damore’ea Stringfellow and he was a four star and you can’t contain all this speed!!!!!!!! and look at the starzzzzzz!!!!!!”

You mean the same guy who had a modest 259-receiving yards and one touchdown before being let go at Washington.  While you are constantly caught up star gazing, you forget that MSU not only has the best production in the SEC returning, they added Donald Gray, Malik Dear and other redshirts to the fold this past spring.

But – again the big equalizer is at quarterback, which Wyatt talked about and you know what – he was right and on the money.

Mississippi State has the best receiving corps in the SEC heading into 2015 and there is no debate – unless you’re a star gazer and live life through recruiting rankings or had better results on a play station.  The facts don’t lie and MSU’s production won’t either in 2015.