SEC Schools as Star Wars Characters

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Do you know what I am excited about? College football. I think that goes without saying. I write for a blog that covers a school in the Southeastern Conference. But do you know what else I am excited about? The new Star Wars movie that opens this December. And do you know what today is? May the Fourth. That’s right. It’s Star Wars Day!

Yes, I am a geek. I am not ashamed of that. I have seen just about every geek related movie that there is to see, and have loved every one of them. While there are many geek related movies, to me, the Lamborghini of geek movies is the Star Wars franchise, despite George Lucas trying his best to run that beautiful car into a brick wall with Episodes 1 and 2.

Since I am excited about both of them so much, I thought I would inform everyone who their favorite school is in the Star Wars Universe. And if yours isn’t one that you like, I apologize. I can’t please everyone all the time. But is there any better way for a fan of the greatest conference in college football and the greatest franchise in the history of Hollywood to celebrate today and combine the two? I think not. Let the show begin!

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