Tim Tebow’s Resurgence Is a Great Thing For Dan Mullen


Tim Tebow is back in the NFL per multiple reports and for most of the football world, that is a good thing.

Per Jay Glazer with Foxsports.com

"Tim Tebow is back in the NFL. And Chip Kelly’s offseason just got juicier.The Philadelphia Eagles plan to bring in quarterback Tim Tebow and sign him Monday as they begin their offseason program, FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer reports. Multiple outlets later confirmed the report.The Eagles are looking for a fourth quarterback for their offseason program. After spending time with Tebow’s quarterbacks coach Tom House, the Eagles are convinced he’s improved a lot, Glazer reports.Tebow, who hasn’t played in an NFL regular season game since 2012, was brought in for a workout for the Eagles last month."

For Tebow this is one final shot to prove he belongs in the NFL and for his former offensive coordinator Dan Mullen, a great thing.

The former Heisman winner, who led Florida to back to back National Championships was a first round pick by Denver in 2010, and after mild success was traded to the Jets when Peyton Manning became available.  Tebow never surfaced in New York, leading him to head to the broadcast booth and the SEC Network.

There may not be a more talked about quarterback, on and off the field in the last decade, like there has been with Tebow; you either love him or you don’t. Count me in on the side that’s pulling for Tebow – as I want him to succeed and think he ultimately will.

His success would be great for football and it would be great for Mullen as well.  Mullen who has been revered as a quarterback guru has always held Tebow in high regard.

Said Mullen, “Tim was an easy guy to get along with, and he taught me so many life lessons about affecting people and how to treat people with respect. Something just clicked with us. And I hope along the way he learned something about me.”

Megan Mullen add this quote in a 2009 article by the Orlando Sentinel – 

"“Our place was the only place he could truly get away from everything for awhile,” Megan said."

Everyone knows about what Mullen did with now NFL player Alex Smith, he had time with Cam Newton, the mega career with Tebow at Florida and now what he has done at Mississippi State with the likes of Chris Relf, Tyler Russell and Dak Prescott.

But it always comes back to Tebow for Mullen as even just last year, the Prescott verses Tebow comparisons came off the charts when Tebow was in town for a Bulldog football game.

With Alex Smith already in the NFL and Dak Prescott set to head there next year, Tebow’s success in Philadelphia would do nothing but bolster Mullen’s reputation as a quarterbacks coach and future quarterback recruiting for the Bulldogs.

So why will this be different than before for Tebow?  It’s all about the fit and when you look at what Philadelphia head coach Chip Kelly likes to do with his offense, it’s very similar to what Mullen and others in the college ranks do.  Tebow was never given a fair shake in my opinion due to the style of play of his former NFL teams.  There are pocket passers and then the mobile quarterbacks of today’s NFL game.  It really depends on the system you run and how you game plan around your quarterback.

Seattle embraced Russell Wilson and built their offense around his strengths, which is a big reason the Seahawks have played in back to back Super Bowls.  San Francisco did the same with Colin Kaepernick as did Carolina with Cam Newton.  Today’s NFL is a much different game than it was even when Tebow came on the scene five years ago.

Kelly will give Tebow every opportunity to run his system and don’t be shocked if you see him flourish in the City of Brotherly Love.

Mullen has already stocked the Bulldog cupboard full of big, physical, athletic quarterbacks – built in the image of Tebow.  Tim Tebow’s success in Philadelphia will be one that is long overdo for the former SEC super star and in doing so will only help Mullen moving forward as he continues to recruit top notch quarterbacks to Starkville.