5 Biggest Disappointments in Mississippi State Football

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Number One – 1998 SEC Championship Game Verses Tennessee: 

There has never been a bigger environment than the SEC Championship Game and if you have never been I highly recommend it.  The 1998 Championship Game featured Mississippi State and No. 1 – Tennessee, with the Volunteers huge favorites in the ballgame.

This was a weird night from the start as ABC didn’t even start broadcasting the game until midway through the second quarter due to the Big-12 Championship going into overtime.  When fans finally got to view the broadcast, what they found was Mississippi State giving Tennessee all they wanted.  Late in the fourth quarter, Bulldog receiver Kevin Prentiss returned a punt 83-yards for a touchdown creating the loudest atmosphere these ears have ever heard.  Mississippi State was minutes away from knocking off the number-one team in the country and heading to the Sugar Bowl.

But, it was Tee Martin who found Peerless Price on a fade route the next possession to take the air out of the Bulldog sails.  Tennessee went on to win 24-14 that night, but for a brief moment in time Prentiss gave Mississippi State one heck of a ride.  Here is two different versions of the punt return. Legendary announcer Keith Jackson has the call.