Most Under Appreciated Players in MSU History

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Michael Davis and Kevin Bouie

There have been some great running backs to come through Mississippi State history, and some of those great running backs teamed together to form incredible running back combos. One of those combos is Michael Davis and Kevin Bouie.

Michael Davis was the feature back in his sophomore year in 1992 and didn’t receive a lot of help from any other backs. He didn’t need a ton of help as he was one of the biggest and strongest players to play the running back position as you will ever see. Mississippi State fans called Josh Robinson the Bowling Ball because he bowled people over, but Michael Davis was a bulldozer. He constantly ran people over like they weren’t even there.

During his junior season, Kevin Bouie emerged as an equally talented back. The two would make an almost unstoppable combination of running in 1993 and 1994. In 1993, the two combined for almost 1,400 yards of rushing offense and 10 touchdowns. They followed that up with over 1,800 yards on the ground and 16 touchdowns combined. The split in carries didn’t allow either player to rack up monstrous numbers, so they often get lost in the mix of greatest running backs in the history of our team. Bouie was so impressive that the Eagles drafted him with a seventh round draft pick. Michael Davis is still among the top all time leading rushers in school history despite having to split carries with another player over the course of his final two seasons.