POLL: Best Place to Watch a Game in Starkville


So as we continue our Great Debate series, let’s move on to something near and dear to our hearts. Let’s figure out where the best place to watch a game in Starkville is located. Now we have many options in Starkville for watching games, but this will determine the best. Your options are as follows: Buffalo Wild Wings, Dawg House Sports Grill, Stagger Inn, Mugshots, Halfway House, and Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern.

There is one chain restaurant in this list, but the rest are locally owned restaurants/bars. Locations that are frequented by many MSU fans that are in town for games, both home and away. Dawg House is the newcomer to the group, having opened up within this past football season. They took over the old State Theater, and have transformed it into one of the best sports grills in town. Mugshots is a local favorite that has been around for years. Stagger Inn came in 2011, and has been a staple location near the Historic Cotton District. Halfway House is also a recent addition, coming in 2011. They feature 31 drafts and 15 flavors of wings. Speaking of wings, we have Buffalo Wild Wings. The only national chain restaurant on the list, Buffalo Wild Wings features many flavors of wings, and a large atmosphere. Finally, Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern has been around for over 10 years and features a relaxed atmosphere and craft beers. They also serve pizza, burgers, and their well-known gyros.

Be sure to vote for which you prefer to watch a game at, and may the best game-watching location in Starkville win.