There’s Nothing Like Mississippi State Baseball


As a lifelong supporter born into the fandom of Mississippi State athletics, I consider myself lucky. I could have been born a fan of any of the other institutions in this state and in the southeast region. There’s no denying that there are other great Southern college baseball programs in places like Baton Rouge. However, I was born into the greatest program in college baseball. At most schools, baseball is a very distant third when it comes to attendance and support. The baseball facilities at these places are nice but are nothing compared to the lavish football and basketball palaces the teams play in. These programs are great but they hold nothing to MY Mississippi State Bulldogs.

At Mississippi State, we have tradition in all aspects of the game.

On the playing field, we have tradition dating back even before stadium’s namesake, Dudy Noble was around. The 34 NCAA tournament appearances, 9 College World Series, and 12 1st-round picks speak for themselves. Each and every time those clad in the iconic maroon M-over-S hats take the field, they represent all the tradition and history of those who have played before them.

The program would also not be on the level it’s at without the support of the athletic administration. The administration recognizes the importance the fans place on the sport and they do the same as well. Dudy Noble Field is already one of the premier facilities in the nation, but the plans unveiled by the school of the future of the park means that it will be by far the best collegiate park the game has ever seen. This dedication to the greatness of Bulldog baseball by the administration enables the program to rise to even greater heights.

But what makes Mississippi State baseball really special is the atmosphere that each game has. There is nothing that even comes close to the passionate supporters of Bulldog baseball. A trip to Dudy Noble Field, “the Carnegie Hall of College Baseball”, is unlike any other college baseball experience in the country. When you first get to “the Dude”, you see the familiar grills and rigs lining the outfield wall. During the game, grill smoke leaves a haze all the way across the outfield that is uniquely Mississippi State. The Left Field Lounge jam-packed with food and friends is truly a special experience. No where else in the country can an opposing player be heckled one minute for making an error and the next be getting fed by the same group of people. The atmosphere would not be near as great without the droves of people who flock through the turnstiles each season. One school holds the top 11 on-campus attendance records in college baseball and that can only be Mississippi State. Only Mississippi State fans can manage to get 15,586 fans, the NCAA on-campus record, at a single game, eclipsing our own record. Only one school had 20,000 fans make the trek to Omaha. This hospitality and passion is one of the many reasons why Mississippi State fans are the best.

Opening Day is finally here and I’ll head to the game filled with excitement. I’ll sit in my seat and look out over the field and take it all in. I’ll realize just how lucky I am to be a fan of this team because there’s nothing like Mississippi State baseball.