SEC Fax Machine Signing Day Thoughts


As we get closer and closer to National Signing Day on Wednesday, one piece of technology that is losing more and more relevance each day gets its one day of glory every year: the fax machine. The fax machine at the athletic offices of the SEC schools has delivered the goods for some serious talent throughout the years. So let’s look at what those fax machines would say on National Signing Day if they could talk.

Alabama: 5 straight recruiting national championships coming at you in 2015.

Arkansas: Bringing the best of Big 10 football to the SEC since 2013.

Auburn: Defense doesn’t come through this fax machine.

Florida: Used to be a legend, now just trying to stay relevant.

Georgia: I can only give Richt the LOIs, I can’t tell him what to do with them.

Kentucky: Basketball signing day is so much more exciting.


Mississippi State: I’ve delivered more wins per star than any fax machine anywhere.

Missouri: Delivers the signatures just as fast as any other fax in the SEC but gets none of the respect.

Ole Miss: I may not win signing day, but I’ve never lost a signature.

South Carolina: I’ve been hit by a visor a few times when certain signatures didn’t come through.

Tennessee: Life was better in the 90s, you know, the last time both the Vols and Fax machines were relevant.

Texas A&M: Manziel didn’t know how to do the money sign until I spit out his LOI.

Vanderbilt: Still producing the signatures to boost the GPA of the SEC.

Happy National Signing Day everyone!