Ole Miss Fans Treat CeCe Jefferson’s Birthday like a National Holiday


Alfred Pennyworth once told Bruce Wayne (Batman) that, “some people aren’t looking for anything logical and cannot be reasoned or negotiated with – some men just want to watch the world burn” and while that phrase could be applied to several scenarios and people – you almost have to wonder after Glen Saint Mary, Florida’s CeCe Jefferson’s birthday – that Pennyworth was actually talking about Ole Miss fans.

Jefferson, who is arguably the top defensive end recruit in the country and is currently leaning towards Florida, had a birthday just recently.  Jefferson is also considering Ole Miss so when you combine the two, Ole Miss Fans treated Jefferson’s birthday via social media like a National Holiday.

I recently did a piece titled, “Why I stopped Obsessing over Recruiting and You Should Too” and you can read that right here.  And – one of the framework pieces in that article is social media and stalking athletes, because it’s weird.

But, not only is it weird, it’s an NCAA violation.

"NCAA spokeswoman Kayci Woodley was interviewed by Jason Kersey of the newsok.com and states, “Fans cannot contact a recruit and attempt to entice them to attend a certain school, as this is a violation of NCAA rules,” read Woodley’s statement. “If a school comes across an instance of this happening, it is expected they would reach out to those athletics personnel, fans and boosters and reinforce the ground rules related to communicating with recruits. This communication outreach would most likely be reported to the NCAA, which would show the school is doing their due diligence to abide by the NCAA rules.”"

You can read Kersey’s piece on this issue right here and also why you’re in violation if you’re tweeting recruits here.

But again as Pennyworth says, some people want to watch the world burn and really don’t care and you can throw Ole Miss Fans at the top of this list.

It is their duty, their job in their mind to convince any and all 17-year old boys to come play football for their school and if it means breaking rules then for the love of Johnny Vaught – break away.

Point in case let’s look at exhibit “A”.

Props to Derrick who really spent some time with this NCAA Violati…. errrr tweet.  He took Jefferson and put him in an Ole Miss Jersey at the Walk of Champions and even gave him a birthday hat.  Derrick is working hard, doing his part (illegally) to make sure CeCe is a Rebel.

But Derrick is an equal opportunity “begger”, as he wants to do his part with other people.

But let’s not only pick on Derrick because trust me Derrick is not alone. If you search twitter or most social media platforms you will find Ole Miss fan overload this time of year because it’s crunch time baby.  It’s time to get these guys to believe in the process.

Take Jim for instance:  Jim also specializes in fantastic photoshopping and spent countless hours on CeCe’s birthday.

Again – I might be wrong here, but NCAA guidlines state Fans cannot contact a recruit – which everytime you tweet one you’ve done this.  They also say, attempt to entice them to attend a certain school, as this is a violation of NCAA rules, – so does phrases like, “would love to have you at SAID UNIVERSITY” fall into this category or is this simply southern charm?

And of course Jim, much like Derrick is an equal opportunity stal…. errrr tweeter.

But some don’t even stop here, as they not only go after the young boys, but they go after sisters, brothers, girlfriends, parents or anyone else they can to entice a young man to come play football.

But CeCe’s birthday takes the cake as hundreds upon hundreds broke – wait – tweeted their well wishes to Jefferson like this young lady.

And obviously she is a therapist or a travel agent in her spare time –  I cannot really tell here.

And yes, Ole Miss isn’t the only school that does this as fans around the country are doing it, like sadly some of you in Maroon.

It has truly become a sad and pathetic epidemic and one that needs addressing.

But – after CeCe’s birthday, I think the Rebs have moved to the top of the list.

What’s even more concerning about these types of fans, not just at Ole Miss but anywhere is they should know this is wrong as this has been documented for quiet some time.

The NCAA had to go back and revisit this issue because it got so bad out of hand – but these people just don’t care.

They continue to do it because they truly feel their tweet might make the difference.

Of course, when you try to point this out to them in a nice way, this is what happens.

They block you – because they don’t want to hear it – they just want to watch the world burn.