Six No No’s For Your Super Bowl Party


We are just days away from the Super Bowl which means big time parties, big time fun and big time players like KJ Wright, Chris Wright, Dontae Skinner and other big time former SEC and national players get to tie it on to see who the world champion is in football.

This weekend is the culmination of another great football season and you should have fun because after this weekend, football is gone for over half a year.

But, beware and take heed – as you need to follow these simple six steps when going to or hosting your Super Bowl Party.

Don’t be the moocher: 

Super Bowl parties should be fun and a time where people enjoy one another’s company while watching the year’s biggest football game.  One of those enjoyments is all of the food and eateries people bring to the party.

But – there is always this one guy or girl that never brings anything.  They can be spotted lurking around the food table, grabbing a sample of this or a sample of that.  They can be spotted going into your cooler for a drink, and then someone else’s the next time.

Do NOT be this person and if you are at my party and are caught you will be called out.  It doesn’t cost a lot to bring a bag of ice or some chips or pick up a readymade dish.  Be respectful of your party and help burden some of the cost, and bring your own drinks.

Don’t take the squares so seriously:

People love to gamble and they love to have fun with it during the Super Bowl.  One of the biggest traditions is the squares game.  You know this game right?  Everyone throws some money in the pot and everyone buys some numbers and if you’re numbers represent scores after quarters, halves or the end of the game, you win!

It makes the game fun but don’t take this so seriously.  Don’t be the guy that paces back and forth watching the score, looking at the board, studying the board over and over again.  The board hasn’t changed, and it won’t once kickoff starts.

Stop mumbling under your breath or shouting obscenities after each quarter because you didn’t win any money.  It’s supposed to be fun and not a life or death situation.

Save your money on apparel:

NFL apparel – everyone loves NFL apparel, well except me, but that’s another story for another day.

So your team got beat out or didn’t make the Super Bowl so you’re looking for a team to cheer for so you find the one that has an alumnus of your favorite college team.  That’s fine too, but there’s no need to go buy a jersey or a hat.

Point in case a few years ago the Giants made the Super Bowl and every sports store in the Jackson, MS metro area sold out of Eli Manning Jerseys.

Are there that many Giants fans or did you really do that because Eli played for your favorite college team?

And stop yelling your favorite college team’s slogan like HAILSTATE OR HOTTY TODDY when that team scores.  This isn’t a college game.

Save your money – odds are you will buy that jersey then it will end up on a coat rack to never be worn again.

Don’t shush me at halftime:

I get it, people love halftime shows of the Super Bowl – I on the other hand could care less.  But, do not and I repeat DO NOT SHUSH me to watch the halftime show.  You are the same person that won’t shut up and talks loudly over the game the entire time at my party.

The halftime show really isn’t that big a deal is it?  Do you have to have everyone quiet to watch your favorite emotionally broken hip hop artist shake their bon bon?

Stay away from “the lurker”:

Ah the lurker – you know this guy right?  He’s the guy that shows up with your buddy who’s single and treats the Super Bowl like it’s his very own meat market.

Big game so he comes bigger.  Too much cologne, dressed to the nine or ball cap backwards with a silver chain and his main goal is to take home a prize from the Super Bowl party.  He can be spotted mooching food from your spread, hanging around the single ladies telling bad jokes and as the night goes on he doesn’t care.

He’s the guy that can be seen even making off color jokes to your woman so beware.  Keep those lurkers out of your party.

Don’t give me your opinion on “deflate gate”:

I’m worn out talking about air pressure in footballs; I really am so please don’t share with me what you think about deflate gate and please spare me your boring statistics on Super Bowls.  I really just want to watch the game.

If you follow these simple six steps this weekend, I can promise you, your party will be much more enjoyable and you will walk away having a great time.