Top 5 Quarterbacks in Mississippi State History

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#3 John Bond

John Bond was lethal in Emory Bellard’s wishbone offense from 1980-83. He guided the Bulldogs to a couple of the program’s best season and several of its biggest wins.

Bond still stands as the all-time leader in rushing yards for a QB (2,280). He is top 10 in passing yards, total offense, and touchdowns accounted for. He led MSU to a 9-3 record in 1980 and 8-4 in 1981, winning the Hall of Fame Classic in the latter.

Bond was the quarterback for such big wins as #18 Miami, #1 Alabama, #13 Miami and #6 LSU. In 1983, he became the first QB in college football history to beat a team (LSU) four straight years.