Battle Bells


West Point, Mississippi – Last week BattleBells and their American-made steel cowbells represent Mississippi on AOL’s This Built America editorial series.

MSU alums John Howell and Stephen Caples, know the power of their alma maters legendary cowbell tradition. But even though the bells are famous in the area, they aren’t known for being so durable—as they tend to take a beating from fans. That changed when BattleBells collaborated with another local steel manufacturer, Long Branch, to make bells stronger and louder.

Now the bells in the stands boom just as loud as the Bulldogs’ have on the field this season. That success has pushed the two recent grads to go even further. “It inspires me to keep going at a pace that won’t let you quit,” explains Howell. “Seeing people around [the Long Branch factory], them having their own pride, putting their work and ideas into it, and it inspires them, it’s a great feeling.”

To see BattleBells impact in the stands and in the local economy, visit their site.

BattleBells joins a national movement in This Built America that is devoted to supporting American companies and American-made products. AOL is proud to support the effort along with sponsor Ford Trucks. Through the year, the editorial and video teams will explore 50 states in 50 weeks to bring 50 stories of the people who are bringing back manufacturing to America. The platform is produced in coordination with Man Made Content.