Dakman & Robinson Battle Evil in GoTHOM


GoTHOM City has always been a dark, corrupt place. It’s long been overrun with thugs. Powerful people with more money than character have long operated from the shadows consolidating their own interests while the good citizens of GoTHOM are left to fend for themselves against the mean streets.

But now, from the shadows a hero is emerging. Born to a wealth of ability and raised by his late mother to a life of discipline, character, morals, and hard work; he has honed within himself a certain intangible “it factor” that will enable him to take on the seedy underbelly of GoTHOM and emerge victorious. When situations look bleak, the loving memory of his mother who was taken so tragically young and the values she instilled in him drive him ever onward and upward to greatness. Our hero is…


Dakman is an expert at assessing the sticky situations in which he finds himself and creatively utilizing the numerous tools at his disposal to escape to obtain his goals.

Often right at Dakman’s side helping him grind against the forces of evil in GoTHOM now is another warrior who, like Dakman, also lost the woman who raised and nurtured him and pointed him in life in the right direction to always be the best he could be in whatever struggle he found himself. He is a valuable ally with the skills, talent, and ability to bowl over their adversaries in the struggle to clean up GoTHOM. He is…


They are joined by an entire team, known as the Bulldogs, to fight doggedly and grind relentlessly to score points for the good and defend against the advances of evil. The team’s training and efforts are directed by an entire staff of coaches commissioned by Coach Dan Mullen.

Soon, our heroes will have to face off against an entire team of vicious, blood-thirsty bear-sharks intent on stealing the rare and valuable Golden Egg in a battle for the very future of GoTHOM.

These rebellious mutant shark-bears are led by an evil genius who specializes in recruiting thugs with the power to do his dirty work…

Mister Coach Freeze

Mister Coach Freeze’s right hand is the wily, unpredictable, schizophrenic…


Two-Game arrived in GoTHOM in Mister Coach Freeze’s pocket where he traveled all the way from Arkansas. It seems something about that frosty trip caused his personality to fracture. Now, he can be both a real game changer capable of putting his entire team on his shoulders and willing them to their goals and a hot-headed fumble-fingers prone to pout, whine, and pitch little hissy fits. His antics in the field of battle swing rapidly from almost heroic to running away like a butt-hurt little wuss.

Also assisting Mister Coach Freeze and Two-Game is one of the most dangerous men in GoTHOM…


Banediche is best known for three things: being almost unnaturally powerful, thwarting the plans of any offense mounted against him and his team, and wearing the most intimidating facemask in college football — so intimidating in fact, that that style of facemask has been banned by the NFL. It’s not hard to see why, either. That thing looks downright venomous.

This team of villains may be the most powerful and destructive that GoTHOM has seen in a very long time. Facing such a motley crew of baddies, the situation could look terribly bleak. Not, however, for us. Not now. Not this year. Not with our heroes fighting for us. The nefarious forces of GoTHOM don’t stand a chance against a team like the Bulldogs and…

Dakman and Robinson

This battle is set to kick off Saturday afternoon at 2:30 and may continue on into the dark night, but it’s going to be a battle in which our Bulldogs fight tooth and claw and will not be defeated. The Golden Egg will be saved and returned to its rightful place, and the malevolent forces of GoTHOM will be beaten down once again.