MWN Mailbag: Egg Bowl Week


It’s Egg Bowl Week! There are lots of great things about Egg Bowl Week (Thanksgiving, shortened work week, etc.,) but what we all want more than anything is for Saturday to get here so we can watch one of the best and most heated rivalries in college football. So what was on your mind this week? Let’s crack open the mailbag and find out!

This is really the million dollar question. If you were given 100% assurance that the College Football Playoff Committee that the Bulldogs would be in, just as long as they won on Saturday against Ole Miss, then yes. But I am just not convinced this is going to happen. If Ohio State beats Michigan, and then beats Wisconsin, I think they will be jumped over the Bulldogs simply because they played an extra game.This is the danger of not controlling your own destiny. You have to put your fate in the hands of 12 people who have different philosophies on how the four playoff teams should look. Since there is doubt, I want to win Saturday afternoon and then become the biggest Auburn fan in the world on Saturday.

I hate injury questions. I hate them because it is almost impossible to gather useful information from what Dan Mullen says when it comes to injuries. As of the time when I wrote this, Mullen had yet to say anything about an injury to JRob. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything though. He didn’t get a ton of carries but from everything I have read so far, the plan was to rest him as much as possible so he would be fresh for this week against Ole Miss. My best guess is that he is okay, but your guess is as good as mine.

This is a tough question because the secondary of Ole Miss is so good. It might be the best in the country. I like a matchup of De’Runnya Wilson against anybody when he is healthy. He is a big guy who can just go up and get a ball. The catch is I’m not sure how healthy he is. He didn’t play at all against Vanderbilt because he suffered an injury at the end of the Alabama game. Mullen said he will be ready to go, but just look at my previous answer about trying to figure out Mullen and injuries. So, to answer the question, I am going to go with Jameon Lewis. Underneath routes will work much better, and the Rebels will be playing this game without the services of Denzel Nkemdiche who is one of the better coverage linebackers they have. Tubby has a way of just finding holes in the coverage, and I think he will be able to it again against Ole Miss.

Well, I could just tell you what he said, but why not show you. Here is what my son Jackson thinks about how the Egg Bowl will unfold.

So there you have it ladies and genetlemen. My son is predicting a high scoring affair and a 17 point victory for the Bulldogs.

Lets give some background on this question. Christy sent out a tweet with some fried okra that she tagged some people, one of which was our weather guy Andrew Norwood. There were a number of tweets after it and then Andrew sent this out.

It’s obviously a classic line from the movie Animal House. I didn’t catch it at first, so I asked Andrew if he forgot his sarcasterics for Germans. I was quickly reminded where that came from. So why did I not recognize it? Because I don’t really like Animal House that much.

I’ve seen it twice. The first time I saw it, I thought it was mildly funny but just didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I watched it again about a year later, and was still like, meh. It’s been at least 15 years since I last saw it, maybe more, and it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. Don’t tar and feather me too much for only finding the movie mildly entertaining.

First some background. After Mississippi State won the Egg Bowl in 2010 in Oxford, Dan Mullen was videotaped in the locker room telling the team that they would never lose to that team again. Probably not the wisest thing to say, but he was in the moment and probably got a little carried away. So when the Rebels beat the Bulldogs, the Ole Miss athletic staff had this ready to play when the game was over.

So when Dak Prescott referenced that video from 2012, this is what he was talking about.

Okay, now you’re asking me about two things that I have no idea about. I’ve never gone hunting a day in my life, and i just don’t see the appeal of it. I wake up at the crack of dawn on a daily basis and doing so on a day off just isn’t appealing. I don’t like the cold, and I have no desire to do all that is necessary to prep a deer after you kill it. To answer your question, I can’t see why anyone would choose to go deer hunting instead of watch the Egg Bowl. But I also know that no matter how much people might love Mississippi State or Ole Miss, they wouldn’t pass up a great day of hunting for anything. I’m still going to go with the Egg Bowl though. Your other question, I have no idea. I really tried to watch wrestling when I was a kid, and I just couldn’t get into it. As a grown man, I certainly can’t. That doesn’t mean I think it is silly for grown men to watch wrestling but it ain’t for me. if anyone wants to help him out, chime in down in the comments section.

This one is easy. Josh Robinson might be gaining popularity over time, but right now, Boobie Dixon is one of the all time fan favorites. I don’t know if it is his funky personality, crazy hair, or the fact that his nickname is Boobie, but Mississippi State fans can’t get enough Boobie Dixon. Josh Robinson is cut from the same cloth as Boobie, but his popularity still hasn’t reached Boobie levels yet.