Mississippi State Football Weather Forecast: Da Bears


Now I have a reason why I named this edition “Da Bears”. For those of you Saturday Night Live buffs, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes…I’m speaking of The Superfans. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I decided to give you a little clip of the Superfans as they talk about “Da Bears” *raises a beer mug in the air* while two of the Superfans recover in the hospital.

Now “Da Bears” *raises beer mug* are going to have a tough battle on their hands as your #4 ranked 10-1 Bulldogs come in to Oxford to ruin “Da Bears” post-thanksgiving plans. Dak Prescott, Josh Robinson, and Benardrick McKinney are going to have a field day on “Da Bears,” and it won’t be pretty. Also, I’ll make sure to put in a time slot for all of you Bears fans to know what the weather will be like as you transfer from Vaught-Hemingway to the Grove. So don’t worry, you’ll know exactly how to dress for your return to the Grove. Then you can sit, stand, whatever it is you do in the Grove while you watch the Psycho Defense shut down “Da Bears” offense.

On to the weather portion, the setup for Saturday looks to be almost perfect zonal flow. Now zonal flow means that the upper atmosphere is simply blowing from directly West to directly East in a straight line. This setup has no fronts, no real mid-level forcing, nothing to support any sort of real threat rain-wise. Now this is pretty good, this means that you can pretty much do as you wish gameplan wise. Well…that is if you weren’t playing against another team. Anyway, if you’re expecting rain, sleet, snow, or heavy winds for Saturday’s Egg Bowl weather, you might get one of those. No, not rain, nor sleet, nor snow. Winds, however, might be the deciding factor in Saturday’s matchup as winds will be between 10-15 mph all game. This could effect the game as it will be blowing from the boxes in the SW endzone towards the bleachers in the NE endzone.

Numbers you need to know

Tailgating and harrassing “DA BEARS” the whole time (10:30 AM CST): 55 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 10-15 mph

Dawg Walk and more harrassment of Bears (12:30 PM CST): 61 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 10-15 mph

Beginning the Battle for the Golden Egg with Uncle Verne and Aunt Gary (2:30 PM CST): 63 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 10-15 mph

Halftime with the Dawgs leading enough to cause the Bears to go back into hibernation in the Grove (4:30 PM CST): 64 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 10-15 mph

Wrapping Oxford, Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, and the Golden Egg in Maroon and White (6:30 PM CST): 59 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SW at 10-15 mph.

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