Bent Bulldawg’s Bites – The Battle for the Golden Egg


Where did this football season go?!? Already the last game of the regular season! Seriously?

At least it’s going to be a good one, and we still have some post-season play left to look forward to.

This Saturday, our beloved Bulldawgs and the few lucky State fans who could find/afford tickets will be traveling to Oxford for the annual battle for 364 days of bragging rights known as the Battle for the Golden Egg, or… The Egg Bowl.

As we all know, Coach Dan Mullen is is 4-1 in this series. Coach Hugh Freeze (CHF) over at umiss is 1-1.

This year’s edition of the Battle for the Golden Egg is one of the most anticipated in recent memory with possible SEC and national championship implications on the line.

Since the Egg Bowl returned to on-campus sites in 1991, the home team has won two-thirds of the time, though there was a 5 year stretch from 1994-1998 when the visiting team won 5 consecutive years (weird, right?).

This year, Mississippi State will, again, win in Oxford making Coach Mullen’s record 5-1.

How umiss fans can’t see that the Bulldogs are clearly the better team this year in nearly every way imaginable is simply beyond me.

Then again, they aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed.

While Mississippi State has exhibited remarkably balanced numbers this season in most games, it’s obvious that the favorite method of attack is to pound the ball down the field with a vicious power run game. This is exactly the form of offense to which the vaunted landshark defense has been most susceptible. Conversely, umiss’ favorite form of attack is to stretch quick, short passes into long yardage plays. Their best play-maker in this method has very sadly been sidelined for the season, and Mississippi State has specialized on defense this season in keeping short pass plays short yardage plays.

People can argue all day about the overall strengths of each team or the advantages of playing at home, but when looking at comparisons of individual team strengths versus weaknesses, it’s perfectly obvious that Mississippi State should be hauling the Egg both to the game and then back home again.

Of course, this is the Egg Bowl. It’s that crazy rivalry game each year when absolutely anything can, has, and will happen.

I could go on and on here about all the things we love to hate about umiss, but I think we’ll all get enough of that this week, so instead I thought I’d share this video about some of my favorite things about umiss.

Just remember…