Week 14 SEC Power Rankings


Sep 6, 2014; Gainesville, FL, USA; A SEC marker on the field during the second half between the Florida Gators and the Eastern Michigan Eagles at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Florida Gators defeated the Eastern Michigan Eagles 65-0. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We have entered the last week of the season. What a ride it has been as well. Mississippi State fans are as high as they have ever been. The victory over the Commodores clinched the first time ever the Bulldogs will finish a regular season with at least ten wins. But what about the rest of the SEC? The rest of the conference’s performance will have a lot to say about how our season pans out. So let me stack the conference up one last time in the regular season. As always, here is how I stacked it last week.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 10-1 (Last Week 1) The Tide coasted through their game with Western Carolina after some rough sailing early in the game. The big takeaway from this game was if Amari Cooper sustained an injury that was significant. Saban said he could have come back in but they held him back. Alabama needs their best playmaker on the field if they are going to accomplish all they have set out to accomplish this season.
  2. Mississippi State Bulldogs 10-1 (Last Week 2) First ever 10 win season during the regular season? Yes please. The Bulldogs absolutely crushed the Commodores and look solid as they head to Oxford next Saturday.
  3. Georgia Bulldogs 9-2 (Last Week 3) Georgia just keeps hoping the Missouri Tigers will lose a game and the Tigers just keep not cooperating.
  4. Missouri Tigers 9-2 (Last Week 5) It’s amazing this team has a home game against Arkansas to clinch their second straight SEC East crown. Are they great? No. Are they good ? Yes, and what they have done these first few years in the SEC is impressive.
  5. Auburn Tigers 8-3 (Last Week 6) Was it an impressive win over Samford? No, but it was a win, and this team just needed to survive to get to the Iron Bowl. If Mississippi State can beat Ole Miss, the Tigers will gain a whole bunch of new fans after the Egg Bowl is over.
  6. Ole Miss Rebels 8-3 (Last Week 4) Are the wheels coming off the Rebels’ season? Possibly. The losses to LSU and Auburn could easily be explained as being slightly outplayed. But the total collapse in Fayetteville makes you wonder if the constant struggles of the offensive line and Treadwell being done is going to leave this team strapped of any offensive firepower.
  7. Arkansas Razorbacks 6-5 (Last Week 9) I was oh so close to moving the Razorbacks up to 6. The Razorbacks are close to being a great team. Had the Hogs had a few more breaks go their way, they could just as easily have 1 loss instead 5. Their games have been that close this year.
  8. Texas A&M Aggies 7-4 (Last Week 7) Stayed at home and is now ready for LSU.
  9. LSU Tigers 7-4 (Last Week 8) Stayed at home and is now ready for Texas A&M.
  10. South Carolina Gamecocks 6-5 (Last Week 11) Now to sort out the rest of the East. The Gamecocks go here because someone that won this weekend has to.
  11. Florida Gators 6-4 (Last Week 12) Muschamp is out, but the Gators could do a lot of good for their embattled coach by pulling the upset of Florida State. State fans want this to happen more so than anyone to ensure we have a spot in the College Football Playoff if we win in Oxford.
  12. Tennessee Volunteers 5-6 (Last Week 10) The Vols had everyone talking about them being the favorite in the East next year. They might be, but this team is young, and they have to stop making mistakes like they do.
  13. Kentucky Wildcats 5-6 (Last Week 13) The Wildcats got a week off to prepare for Louisville in the hopes of getting bowl eligible.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores 3-8 (Last Week 14) Derek Mason will probably get one more year in Nashville, but it isn’t an insane argument to suggest that he shouldn’t.

Next Saturday will be a lot of fun for Mississippi State fans if we can beat the Rebels. We watch the Egg Bowl and then immediately flip over to the Iron BOwl to see what the Tide and Tigers do.