Bent’s Bites – MSU @ Bama


It’s finally here, folks. This is it. This is the one that we’ve all had circled on the calendar since the beginning of the season.

Well, maybe not all of us… But I have. Before the season began I was saying (mostly to myself because I was aware that others around me may think me crazy) that there was a good chance that our Bulldawgs would be rolling into Tuscaloosa 9-0.

This match-up basically amounts to being not only the biggest ticket anywhere so far this season in college football, but the biggest game ever in the history of Mississippi State football.

If you’re looking for something unusual of note about this game, how about this:  How often can a team undefeated thru 3/4 of the season and ranked the consensus #1 in the nation for over a month go into a game as the underdog?

Vegas odds-makers have set the spread here at (depending on where you look) 6.5-7 points in Bama’s favor.

How often can a #1 team defeat a #5 team and it be called, by pretty much everyone, “an upset?”

This seems, judging from what I’m reading on social media, to bother some Bulldog fans. Personally, I’m fine with it. I kinda feel Coach Dan Mullen is okay with it, too. Does it not just seem that our Bulldogs usually play better, maybe with more of a chip on their shoulder, when playing the role of the underdog?

Having never attended a game before at Bryant-Denny, I’m really looking forward to this one. After all, this is the biggest game in the MSU football history so far, so how can I not be there? How could I, a cowbellin’, Hail State yellin’, True Maroon Bulldawg fan miss the game that will all but secure our reservations for Atlanta and our spot in the first ever College Football Playoff final four? How could I miss the game that will send Bammers scurrying to the internet to launch “” sites? I can’t wait to go freeze nearly to death in the upper decks of Bryant-Denny wrapped up in my maroon coat and blanket wishing I could have brought my Battlebell to watch our Dawgs dismantle the Tide and pull the rug out from under the Saban “dynasty!”

I cannot wait for Dak and the boys to go into T-town and make all those talking heads in national sports media feel absolutely foolish.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to about this Saturday is being surrounded by so many Bammers. They really are some difficult people to try to remain on good terms with.

I don’t know who made this video, but if you know very many Bammers, you know some very similar to the people being described. This next guy, I just know, has to know a whole lot of Bammers, because he has them down perfect.

My favorite part? “Only reason why Auburn beat us last year is cause Saban put all them slow people on the field!”

Only Bammers would be so dissatisfied with 10 legitimate national titles to feel the need to inflate that number to… How many is it they’re claiming now? 97? 36? 42? 21? 84? 15?

Between now and Saturday, you’re probably going to be seeing a whole lot of these:

To me, however, I’ve decided that while this should be our immediate goal, it’s a bit short-sighted. I’m more about: