Bent Bulldawg’s Bites – Auburn @ umiss


What a week those rabble fans from umiss have had!

Last Saturday night they found out what that “overrated” team from Baton Rouge could do on “Saturday night in Death Valley.” They watched their “Heisman candidate” QB essentially throw away the game and then run off and hide to cry about it. What a leader! They then had to withstand an unmerciful barrage of jeering from LSU fans, Mississippi State fans, and the population in general. Many of them did not take it well. The last time umiss fans were this mad, it earned them a mention in a Billy Joel song.

Y’know how umiss fans always say, “We may lose the game, but we never lose the party”? Folks, the streak has been broken. Granted, it was a


party and not a home party, but the umiss fan in the following video


lost the party. I’m advising you that the following video is


The language this young “lady” uses is very unladylike. If you’re offended by profanity, you may want to watch this one with the volume muted. This epic post-LSU-loss meltdown is still entertaining even without the sound. Her LSU-fan live-in boyfriend shows her no mercy, loudly singing the LSU fight song and shouting “Geaux Tigers!”

As an aside, what’s really funny is that this young “lady’s” mother, seemed so proud of her when she tweeted to popular umiss writer, Acey Roberts before taking to the internet defending this behavior in the comments section of an article about the video on Fox Sports’ Outkick the Coverage and trashing anyone and everyone who had anything negative to say about it. This explains a whole lot.

It’s just been a really wild week for the Black Bear faithful. After the LSU loss, they watched their national ranking drop to #9 (Coaches’ Poll), then two hours later back up to #7 (AP), then two days later to #4 (CFP ranking). Seems that kind of roller-coastering could give you whiplash. How much smoother just to ride it out squarely and evenly at #1, right?

But this week will finally come to an end for the poor bears this Saturday night on the field at Vaught-Hemingway against the #3 Auburn Tigers in what has effectively become a College Football Playoff elimination match. The rabble fans, however, are not at all worried. They know they have this one in the bag.

Perusing some articles pointed out to me on umiss’ counterpart to M&WN, Ole Hotty Toddy, I learned quite a bit about why they’re not worried.

For example, I learned that “if the defense can play to the caliber they have all season, including the LSU game, then Auburn will not stand a chance against the Rebels.”

Also, “in pass defense, Auburn is still one of the worst units in the league, giving up over 240 yards a game.” (Guess who is statistically even worse in that category but happens to be currently ranked #1 in the nation.)

And from an article on NAFOOM, I learned “Arkansas is the only opponent left on our schedule that runs an offense that can ‘expose’ our defense, and even LSU’s ‘exposing’ our defense led to 10 total points. Neither State nor Auburn run a power running game. Yes, they like to run, but both run out of the spread and like to use misdirection, or at least a zone read concept, which we can defend well with our front’s skill set.” Wow! Did you know that Mississippi State didn’t have a power running game? Do you suppose Josh Robinson knows?

I just have a feeling that the black bear fans are going to be disappointed and all this confidence will have been misplaced, and I know it’s irrational. After all, with the way that landshark defense was so dominant last week, the amazing leadership of a guy like Bo Wallace, and the impeccable play calling and clock management of Coach Freeze, what could go wrong?