How the College Football Playoff Picture Should Look


Oct 25, 2014; Lexington, KY, USA; Mississippi State Bulldog mascot before the game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Commonwealth Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Playoff Committee will release their first poll on Tuesday night. I’d like to get out ahead of them with my take on who should be ranked where.

My criteria is pretty simple. Who did you beat, and who did you lose to? Then I’ll use the “eye test” for any tie-breakers.

1. Mississippi State – this one is simple and is not debated among any of the pundits making their predictions. MSU has wins at Death Valley vs. #16 LSU and at home vs. #4 Auburn. They also have wins over two 5-win teams in Kentucky and Texas A&M.

2. Florida State – the Noles get here because they are undefeated, and they deserve not to be jumped by any one-loss teams simply because they are the defending national champs. Their résumé is a little sketchy because both Clemson and Notre Dame had to royally screw up in the red zone for FSU to win…at home. They also struggled with N.C. State and Oklahoma State who don’t look like very good teams.

3. Auburn – the Tigers are the clear choice for #3 in my opinion. Their only loss of the season was to #1 MSU, and they have wins over #16 LSU and at #11 Kansas State.

4. Oregon – the Ducks have bounced back from an early loss at home to #14 Arizona and are now 7-1. They have wins over #8 Michigan State and #25 UCLA on the road.

5. Ole Miss – even after the loss at #16 LSU, and as much as I dislike the Rebels, they have a good résumé having beaten #3 Alabama…and going in front of the largest crowd in the SEC to destroy Texas A&M.

6. Alabama – right now the Tide’s best win is over #20 West Virginia. Beating Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee doesn’t really mean all that much. Their only loss was to #7 Ole Miss, and that’s why they are one spot behind the Rebels.

7. Michigan State – Sparty looks like a good team, so I’ll give them some “eye test” points, and their only loss is at #5 Oregon. Their best win in a 7-1 year so far is #17 Nebraska.

8. Kansas State – they have basically the same résumé as Michigan State to me, but the Spartans win the “eye test”. Only loss is to #4 Auburn and they have a road win over #19 Oklahoma.

9. Arizona – 6-1 this year with a really really good win at #5 Oregon, but a loss to an average USC team who is currently unranked.

10. Baylor – it’s real close between TCU and Baylor but they make it easy because the Bears won the game on the field, and round out my top 10.


  • Georgia is not in because their best win is against #22 Clemson and they lost to unranked South Carolina.
  • Notre Dame hasn’t beaten a team that is currently ranked. Having a good loss as your best bargaining chip is not good enough.
  • Marshall is undefeated, but they have not played anyone with a pulse.

I’m fairly certain the committee’s top 10 won’t look much like mine, but it should. If you have anything to say be sure to voice your opinion in the comments section.