Sunday Morning QB- Survive and Advance Edition


1. Saturday was a letdown game for us. We weren’t up at all. It showed in our body language. And we won by 14- scoring 45 points. It’s nice having the best offense in school history out there each week.

2. We had a great 1st drive offensively. Scripted well and scouted by Mullen. We ran the same play we hit vs Auburn with JRob out of the backfield- but added a curl route to it with MoJo. Nice little wrinkle on it and gives us something to take when JRob is covered down the sideline.

3. Some confusion by us on the OL yesterday. We just had some dumb breakdowns. Malone, Clausell, Senior…Day and Beckwith didn’t communicate properly or we just had some really bad brain lock on some plays. Hev gonna be all over it in film and on the field this week. Get ready Pigs.

4. We ran the Counter to right on the 2nd drive and JRob didn’t cut it up like he should have. Sometimes you to just get up in the hole and get 2 yards. He tried to bounce it out and you just cant do that on that play. Loss of a couple on a bad decision.

5. Another ho-hum 304 total yards for Dakota….216/88. We had 406 yards of Total Offense thru 3 Q’s and it seemed like we were playing bad. Finished with 542 yards. Wow. We lead the SEC in Total Offense. Mississippi State leads the SEC in offense. We’re a point behind Georgia for 2nd in Scoring. We are currently 2nd in the SEC in rushing. Being able to run like we do opens up big plays in the passing game. Been huge for us this year.

6. JRob is now your SEC rushing leader. He’s having a great year. I love watching him run. 23/198 yesterday. Keep the Bowling Ball moving.

7. First 5 drives yesterday:

1A Defense- 13 plays on 3 drives- 25 yards and a forced fumble
1B Defense- 17 plays on 2 drives- 146 yards and 10 points

I LOVE that we are building depth. Love, love, love it. I just wish we would do it 3-4 players subbed at a time. Not by entire unit.

8. Gotta give some respect to my boy Stonehands. Morrow took a shot when Dakota left him out to dry. He got up and walked off- he didn’t lay around. Nice job Joe

9. Towles was impressive yesterday. He is a good QB. He escaped disaster against our rush a few times. As many sacks as we had- it should have been 3-4 more. Not getting him on the 2nd drive of the game led to that long TD pass on Cleveland. We got to close the deal on QB’s better.

10. We ran a blitz before half that was sick. We brought 50 off the left defensive edge and looped Preston thru the middle. That is just nasty when you have Ryan Brown coming as well. All 3 of those guys will be getting paid to play football and rush the passer.

11. Give it up for Turtle. A senior who has stuck around and is having success at LB. Yesterday he gets a present to add to his memories. Nice job taking it to the house.

12. We are the only undefeated SEC team left. Celebrate that. Love it.