Message Board Post of the Week


Dec 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; An Auburn Tigers fan is dressed up as Santa Claus during the 2013 SEC Championship game against the Missouri Tigers at Georgia Dome. The Auburn Tigers defeated the Missouri Tigers 59-42. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Message Boards are a great place to go and discuss all things related to sports in general, whether it’s college, pro, or something else altogether. The one thing about them though is that it can become apparent at times some fans are completely consumed in their fandom and don’t pay too much attention to reality. We are all guilty of that at some point. So now we have the Message Board Post of the Week. Each week, I will go through some of the more popular message boards and find some good ones. Understand that good can mean a lot of things. It could mean insightful. It could mean it’s so bad it’s funny. It could mean that it is based on so many false perceptions that you can’t help but sit there and stare at your screen with your jaw dropped. These will all come from the public pages of the message boards, so I won’t be breaking any perceived privacy that someone might think they have.

So far, the best board I have found for this weekly column is SEC Rant. They have fans from all across the SEC, so I get a plethora of information from them. Today’s is no exception. The post comes from Rebeloke and is entitled “What is the most delusional fan base right now?” Here is what Rebeloke had to say.

"OM/MSU thinking they are going to win the nattyBama/AU for thinking they are going to run the tableLSU thinking they are in the mixUT thinking they were going to win in OxfordUGA thinking they beat the SECW champUPIG thinks they win an SEC gameFlorida thinking they are still FloridaUSCe thinking they are a powerhouse programTAMU thinking they were a legit SEC football teamUK thinking they were out from under the basketball program"

I will say this, there really isn’t anything funny or shocking about this (come to mention it, probably nothing true about any of this either), but it hits every school in the SEC. The responses are epic. According to TigerPanzer, an LSU fan, their fan base is very bipolar right now.

"50% of our fan base has us going 4-0 the rest of the way. The other 50% has us going 0-4. So take your pick."

I find it funny that an Alabama fan who goes by spacewrangler and an Auburn fan who goes by oafadami both had this to say on the topic.

"quote:OM/MSU thinking they are going to win the nattyThis^^"

Auburn and Alabama fans seem to still have a hard time digesting that they lost to Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Crowknowsbest, a Georgia fan just thinks the whole discussion is dumb.

"I don’t know which is the most delusional fanbase, but I’m going with rebeloke as the most delusional fan if he actually thinks these fanbases believe these things."

And my favorite reply comes from LSU fan WildTchoupitoulas.

"Easy, take the Obsession factor and divide it by the Butthurt and you should get your Delusion quotient. The Bias should cancel out if you do it right."

He hit just about every message board buzz word on that reply. Standing ovation for that man right there. If you have any suggestions throughout the week, let me know @JustinStrawnMWN.