Week 8 SEC Power Rankings


Sep 6, 2014; Gainesville, FL, USA; A SEC marker on the field during the second half between the Florida Gators and the Eastern Michigan Eagles at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Florida Gators defeated the Eastern Michigan Eagles 65-0. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in college football has come and gone, and the Mississippi teams proved that their magical Saturday last weekend was no fluke. Mississippi State ran over Auburn 38-23 and Ole Miss smothered Texas A&M 35-20. The state of Mississippi is turning the college football world on its head. So how does this affect the Power Rankings? Scroll on down to find out, and if you want to see last week’s list, just click here.

  1. Mississippi State Bulldogs 6-0 (Last week 1) I had the Bulldogs number 1 last week, and a 38-23 trouncing of the Tigers reaffirms what I believe: The Bulldogs are playing the best football in the country right now.
  2. Ole Miss Rebels 6-0 (Last Week 3) I do believe the Bulldogs are playing the best football, but Ole Miss is a darn close second. Arguing which team is better at this point is splitting hairs.
  3. Auburn Tigers 5-1 (Last Week 2) Losing to the best team in the country on the road is nothing to be ashamed of. How they handle the remaining gauntlet of their schedule will say a lot about how the Tigers end up this season.
  4. Georgia Bulldogs 5-1 (Last Week 5) The Georgia Bulldogs are the best team in the East. Does that really make them one of the best teams in SEC or country? I’m not sure, but they won’t lose much playing over there.
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide 5-1 (Last Week 4) You could argue that Arkansas did more to lose their game than Alabama did to win it. With the way the Tide is playing, 3 or 4 losses seems possible for Alabama.
  6. LSU Tigers 5-2 (Last Week 8) LSU looked bad in their win over Florida, but they won. As of right now, their only two losses are to the first and third ranked teams in my rankings. Seven games in and I still don’t know what to do with these guys.
  7. Texas A&M Aggies 5-2 (Last Week 6) My philosophy on Texas A&M is pretty much the same as LSU. Maybe they are a good team that has been beaten by two great teams, or maybe they really aren’t that good. I just don’t know.
  8. Kentucky Wildcats 5-1 (Last Week 10) So, Mississippi State gets the Wildcats in two weeks. This game isn’t looking like the sure win we all thought it would be. How they do in Death Valley next week and at home against Mississippi State will tell us a lot about the Wildcats.
  9. Arkansas Razorbacks 3-3 (Last Week 7) You gotta feel bad for the Razorbacks. They have played about as well as you could against Arkansas and Texas A&M and have nothing to show for it. I think they are a pretty decent team, but at some point, you have to win one of these games before I will completely buy in.
  10. Florida Gators 3-2 (Last Week 11) This is the point of the rankings where I have to do something with the rest of the East. Florida might as well go here.
  11. Missouri Tigers 4-2 (Last Week 9) They looked like a really bad team against Georgia, and they still have a good shot at finishing second in the East.
  12. South Carolina Gamecocks 3-3 (Last Week 12) If any team needed a bye, it was the Gamecocks.
  13. Tennessee Volunteers 3-3 (Last Week 13) They needed the confidence boost before they head to Oxford next week.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodres 2-5 (Last Week 14) Only the Commodores could make us think less of a team in a win over Charleston Southern.

Half way through the season, and it has been a most interesting year in the SEC. Can’t wait to see what the second half will bring us.